November 28, 2022

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Kervin Arriaga apologizes for kicking kids out of the McGuire game for the Congolese League – Den

Steering wheel Kerwin Arriaga He apologized to the marathon training staff and athletes for that Child discharge In the classic Motagua Against Marathon In the second leg of the Concacaf League quarterfinals.

“The truth is, I have no more words to say. I am in more pain today than ever before because I knew I was not the one who behaved like this yesterday. Today I want to apologize to the coaches who trusted me first. And trust me. I do not want to jump or play in their work, in the end I did it for an act I could not control, “the player wrote in his Instagram story.

He added: “Secondly, I apologize to my teammates for leaving me alone on the field in such an important game. Expects option.

They came back 2-0 against Purslane and played a great game until the 62nd minute, when their dismissal changed the story of the match.

Arriaga lost his temper and ended up beating his teammate Diego Rodriguez in the head on the national team.

With numerical advantage, Motagua Using and In the end they won 2-0 And qualified for the semifinals Concacaf League And pass seal Concacaf Champions League 2021.

“I will learn from this and hope it never happens again,” the emerald footballer closed.

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