September 29, 2022

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Kautomok Blanco mocks Sivas: ‘That’s why they keep their mouths shut’

Mexico City /

Players are always appreciated for being always warm செந்தரம், But the problem is, if you lose the big game, everything you say can be used against you if it happens Antonio Prisso, who had to eat countless reviews, now has to deal with Guatemalan Blanco, The legend of America that was concise and concise.

You don’t have to talk about the classics before this because they will shut your mouth later. Everything has to be proven responsibly on the field, ”the governor of Morelos announced today ESPN After the Eagles’ 3-0.

These words Divo from Depito Match with many former players and current members United States, What Richard Sanchez“We don’t talk, we play,” Sioux recalled, urging Oswaldo Sanchez Polo Prisso not to speak again and “let quality people do it.”

Thanks to Henry Henry for following his ceremonies

Although his reality is far from football, Guo is an immortal, and he thanked the U.S. forward today for showing the respect Henry Martin paid him in celebrating his two goals against Guadalajara.

Thanks to Henry for making those ceremonies. The truth is, it’s very emotional for me to remember them, because they were so wonderful moments for us as players and then as a classic. “

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