December 10, 2022

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Juventus: Serie A 2021-22 against Torino match report summary A series

Tourin Classic at Serie A 2021-22’s Match Dave. Torino received Juventus at the Olympic Stadium, not only for honor but also for promotion in the rankings (both are in the middle of the table with 8 units).

As an excellent classic, goal options did not proliferate, instead intense play, friction, crashes and more prevailed. There was not even a single shot on goal in the first half of the innings.

Precisely Juventus raised a party structured in defensive order and defense. He played in vain with three central midfielders (enhanced Adrian Robbiot on the left) and with subdued wings (Alexandro-Danilo).

His only approach with any clarity occurred in the first minutes, when Robbie multiplied well through his field, brushed off the defense and Weston McKennie kicked as hard as he could. The ball went over the crossbar.

As for the homeowners, at least they kicked straight into the competitor’s gate. In the 37th minute, Rolando Mantragora advanced freely on three quarters of the court, unleashing a missile with his left foot and demanding the blow of Wojciech Chasni.

Then came Wilfried Singho’s turn, he tried his luck in the middle distance too, but Ssasny was optimistic.

Massimiliano Allegri wanted to turn his team around in the second half. With a very weak game, he took Moyes Keane off the field and gave way to Juan Guillermo Quadrato. With this, the volume changed: he formed three rows, highlighting Alex Santro and Quadrato Lance, and Sisa with Bernardeci.

The Colombian always showed that he had to be a starter, and it didn’t take long for that. In 10 minutes he delivered two assists (shots by Bernardechi and Alex Santro) and once finished the canary.

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That was not enough, at the age of 58 he raised suspicion. Tomaso Bopeca, realizing a connection from behind, entered the area with a dominating ball as he fell to the ground inside the area. Both the arbitrator and the VAR did not consider the maximum sentence beyond the apparent contact that took place.

After game time, the emotion came to an end and the friction returned. The federal referee picked up several yellow cards, reduced the development of the game and paid special attention to the midfield.

When it appeared that everything would end with a bitter end with zero, the scoreboard moved. In the 86th minute, Manuel Locadelli received a pass from Federico Cisa on the edge of the area, taking an extra second to watch the scene and positioning goalkeeper Vanja Milinkovic-switch to win. Excellent goal and delight from visiting fans.

Instead of going back, Zhou continued to attack, hitting a shot from the crossbar by the recently entered Djon Kluzewski even in extra time.

Juventus finally won by 11 points and are currently eighth in Serie A.