December 7, 2022

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Justin Turner played Kenley Johnson and STATCAST went crazy

How beautiful baseball is! And how strange things can be experienced. Today Justin Turner released Kenley Johnson and closed the game for the Dodgers. And you know what? He did not allow any score.

We thought we’d all seen it now in 13-season major league careers. The 2020 World Series title seemed to be the culmination of the Dodgers’ Red Baron. He goes to the free agency and will not return.

But the romance, the chemistry and the desire to wear blue again was stronger than any other offer and Justin returned to Los Angeles with more enthusiasm than the first time.

He gave us a very busy season, but today is precious.

Justin Turner moved from pitch coach to Brewster Gretrol to Active pitcher, making his close debut in this role against the Colorado Rockies.

Justin faced the cream of the crop of the Denver line. After allowing Story Hits, Gran sent Rio Ruiz, Sam Hilliard and Tom Nunes into a scoreless innings.

Today the Statecast was speechless. 75 mph and a lot of speed changes from 56 mph to 74 mph on some sliders, MLB’s automatic system can command.

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But the result is there. Justin Turner introduces his MLP as a pitcher and goes “from pitch coach to active pitcher”