December 10, 2022

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Justice delivered !: 30 years in prison for those who hanged Yogeri

Yocairy Amarante, who last year hurled the hellish erosion known as “Devil’s Acid” at her, which had been victimized by the actions of three men, mutilated her face and part of her body, gesturing a thank you for justice that exploded with joy yesterday.

And this is his reason: yesterday, Willie Antonio Javier Montero, his former partner and intellectual writer of the event and Pedro Alexander Sosa Mundes (Alex) and Joan Jose Felice (Phnol), paid for their actions for 30 years at the National District Third Court College, individual, Sentenced to imprisonment.

After the sentencing, Yogeri declared to the media, with a suffocating voice, that there was no cry of joy because he had found justice in his case.

“I cry with joy because my case was brought to justice without being punished,” he said with tears in his eyes.

They did not abandon us. “
His family members cried with joy as he joined them and thanked God, President Louis Abinader and all the Dominicans because they had not abandoned us.

“The war in the hospital comes to this trial every month. Thank God and the President for not abandoning us, thank the Dominican people for not abandoning us,” said the young woman’s mother.

Both Yogeri and his bodyguards revealed that justice had been done this Thursday.

“Yogeri Amarante’s case represents the community, the executive branch and the legislature branch, enacting legislation that would increase the punishment for those who use the devil’s acid to commit (this) act of torture,” said one member of your Legal Defense Committee.

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As a result of their action, the trio mutilated the face and part of a good young woman’s body, throwing a liquid called “devil’s acid” at the behest of her ex-partner, but yesterday a third college court sentenced the individual to 30 years in prison for National District criminals.

The event took place on September 25, 2020.

The court sentenced Willy Antonio Javier Montero, the ex-partner of the young woman who was an intellectual writer, and the same sentence to Pedro Alexander Sosa Mundes (Alex) and Jon Jose Belis (Pinol) who introduced the subject.

All three are expected to serve their sentences in the Asuva 15 jail.

Attorneys Magali Sanchez and Maria Sylvestre have been charged with felony criminal mischief for violating sections 265, 266, 303, 303-4, 309 and 309-1 of the Dominican Penal Code.

These articles focus on crime, torture, violence against women and injuries and blows to the victim.

Moment of attack
Pedro Alexander Sosa Mundes (Alex) and Joan Jose Felice (Phenol) attacked a young woman with a “demonic acid” from a motorcycle while she was in a public car on September 25 in the Luberan extension area. He was in the front seat.

Pay for it

For two people who threw acid on Yocairy for his performance, his ex-partner offered to pay him RD $ 25,000, giving them an advance of RD $ 3,500.

Attorneys’ indictment is based on documentary, evidence, material, expert and explanatory evidence, and details of the crime that took place on September 25, 2020.

Sosa Mundes followed her on a motorcycle, with Joan Jose Felice, approaching the car so it would release the object. As a result of the attack, the young woman suffered severe burns to the body, for which she underwent several surgeries.

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