December 10, 2022

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Jurassic fans demonstrate for a win against Braves

Supporters of the frontier team put on blankets to express their anger after the defeat against Riotos

‘S Hobby FC Jurassic Nearby manifested itself Benito Jurassic Olympic Stadium, To demand the best results from the frontier team, after the Braves failed to resist Montreal Guard 1 Ann 1-6 on Nine Match Day 2021.

Blankets are placed outside the property, Followers demanded players, coaching staff and directors with the following messages: “Some hue … higher pay” and “mercenaries”.

Although FC Jurassic The fight against Monterrey had the potential to reopen its stadium for subscribers, after Javier Aguirre was overthrown by the crew and there were boos and complaints in the court of the border building.

This is the second time Brave They will be dropped in Cart 1 Ons 2021. On the sixth day of the match, Puebla fell to Juarez, six goals to zero. Gallery Luis Fernando Dena This is the worst defense, scoring 17 goals so far. When charged, he scored only seven goals in the entire championship.

Next meeting Juarez As they face Atlas, Braves’ direct rival in the percentage issue, it could be life or death.

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