December 10, 2022

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Julian Edelman announces retirement from NFL; The Patriots terminate their agreement

New England wide receiver Julian Edelman has been thinking about retirement, which is official on social media

The New England Patriots They ended the broad receiver deal Julian Edelman, As it appeared on the league’s transaction cable on Monday, the broad receiver later confirmed he was back on social media moments.

Edelman Appeared under the name of unauthorized physical examination with equipment in transaction.

Three-time Super Bowl champion with Patriots, Edelman According to Mike Reyes, he was thinking about retiring recently ESPN, And the conclusion of your contract New England It’s the team’s management practice in that direction.

In May 2019, Edelman Two years, .5 signed a 15.5 million contract extension, which lasted until the 2021 season. With the loss of the recipient, Patriots They get 4 3.4 million under the salary cap.

According to Adam Schaffter ESPN, His contract terminated due to failed physical examination, Edelman Under the collective bargaining agreement available to all players in this situation, the injury qualifies for the benefit of the defense. In this way, Edelman From this benefit you can collect up to 2 million.

Reduction Edelman Leaves My Keel Harry, Jacoby Myers, Conner Olszewski Already signed Kendrick Born Y Nelson Agolar As leading broad recipients New England.

Edelman, 35 years old, Came NFL Seventh round recruitment Draft 2009 From NFL, After playing quarterback State of Kent.

Open Receiver posted a video on social networks that will appear in the center Gillette Stadium, While listening to the stories of some of his most memorable moments Patriots, With myth “Foxboro forever“Edelman delivers a farewell speech.

“Nothing in my life has come easy, this is not surprising, nor is it easy. I always said ‘I will go until the wheels fall’ and they finally fell. Last year, due to my injury, I will be releasing my official retirement announcement from Football. It was a difficult decision, but the right one for me and my family. I am proud and proud to retire as a patriot.

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“I have a million people to thank: Mr. [Robert] Kraft, The Family Force, I learned a lot from you on and off the field. Coach [Bill] Belichick, For giving me a chance, I will always love you. My comrades, we went to war, we lost some, we won some, you will always be my brothers. I appreciate all my coaches I have played with, your perspectives, all your work, all your knowledge. To the entire patriotic organization, to the restaurant girls, the cleaners, the people in the halls, the strength and conditioning team, we share so many great memories that I will never forget. Of course, my family, they have always seen my back.

“It was the best 12 years of my life, it was a great ride, I will never forget Patriotic nation. You welcomed my family and me to an area unknown to us. But now, I am one of you. I leave you with two words: ‘Foxboro forever‘”.

Belichick, Who led Edelman In his 12 seasons with the franchise, he described managing the broad receiver as “a privilege”.

“In any activity related to creating an elite life NFL – Wins, Championships, Production – Julian He has it, ”he said Belichick In a statement issued by the committee. “Some players can match achievements Julian, Period, but considering their career path and longevity, the group is still selective. This is historical. It is a tribute to his glorious competitiveness, mental and physical strength and desire to shine. day by day, Julian He was always the same: he gave everything. Then, in the biggest game and moments, risking the championship, he reached even greater heights and delivered his best and most amazing performances. For everything you have done Julian What I really appreciate about our team is that he was basically an old school player, he did what he could, and did everything he could – to catch, run, throw, block, turn, hide and tackle – always allowing him to fail in any situation with an attitude of not doing it. Julian Edelman He was the last competitor, a privilege to direct him. “

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With 12 seasons Patriots, Edelman He had 620 receptions for 6,822 yards and 36 touchdowns. In addition, he ran the ball 58 times for 413 yards and completed all six passes he attempted NFL, Including Touch Town in 2019. Edelman Is second in history NFL With 118 post-season receptions, 151 behind Jerry Rice. Appointed Super Bowl LIII’s Most Valuable Player.

However, last season, Edelman Affected by injuries, played only six games, one starts. He caught 21 passes for 315 yards, but did not get a touchdown. The Patriots They are out 7-9 for the first time since 2008 and beyond.

Unforgettable play in life Edelman With New England Occurred again during the victory Super Bowl LI Before Atlanta Falcons. Less than three minutes to play, Tom Brady Connected with Edelman Throw down in the middle of the field on a 23-yard, it was first, deflected by a defender. Between three players Falcons, Edelman He manipulated the egg shape before grabbing the millimeter from the ground. The pass was reviewed and it was confirmed that the ball did not touch the ground, which was a complete pass. The reception helped Bates After dropping a point 28-3, tie the game at 28 points, eventually winning the extra time.

Edelman He was known for his social media activities and especially for the posts he made with his former colleagues New England Danny Amendola, Rob Krankowski Y Brady.