December 10, 2022

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Judicial order to inquire into the death in the custody of witnesses

Secretary of the Department of Justice Domingo Emanuelle Hernandez announced today that he has ordered an inquest into the circumstances under which a witness died in an archive for the protection of victims and witnesses.

According to preliminary inquiries, the death occurred on September 30th. The witness had been in the shelter since June 26.

Excess control items seized at the scene are being investigated as the cause of death. The body showed no signs of violence.

As part of precautionary measures, the judiciary amended security regulations and ordered increased surveillance inside and outside the shelter.

According to initial reports, the circumstances surrounding the death of a person in the shelter were unacceptable. However, regardless of the cause of death, we have taken steps to strengthen surveillance. We are not going to wait for the end of the investigation, but we are already strengthening security protocols to prevent such a future event. This is part of our responsibility, so we consider it urgent and strong, ”the secretary said in a statement.

“Despite the unacceptable delays and bureaucratic procedures that have required unacceptable delays and procedures for the past four years since we took over the administration of the agency, the restructuring of the shelter has been a priority., Federal and local. We have received confirmation that this amount has been set aside and this amount is required to complete the infrastructure renovation work including shelters and surveillance systems, ”he added.

Justice received $ 4.3 million in approval from the federal administration for emergency management to structurally rehabilitate and repair damage to the shelter caused by Hurricane Maria. However, Justice explained that the allocation made last week was necessary to complete the budget needed to implement the rehabilitation programs.

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