December 1, 2022

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Judge Cape Verde authorizes Alex Chappa to be extradited to the United States

Alex Chop

The Supreme Court of Cape Verde has approved the extradition of Colombian businessman Alex Chapp, Nicolas Maduro, dictator of Venezuela To the United States, Says it is definitely money laundering.

According to the verdict, the news agency had access EFE, The Supreme Court rejected the appeal for Saab’s protection and upheld the lower court’s decision to approve the employer’s offer., Has been detained in an African country since June 12 at the request of the United States.

Supreme Court judges dismiss the appeal and agree to uphold the competing decision for all legal purposes”, I.e., a verdict in favor of the extradition handed down last year by the Barlando Court of Appeal, based in the northern island of San Vicente.

The High Court says “Confirm the legal recognition of the extradition of the applicant (SAB) to the United States”.

The Supreme Court’s debate also considered it Cape Verde is not bound by the judgments of the Court of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)., Which ruled against handing over the man before last Monday and ordered his immediate release.

Passport of Alex Chopin
Passport of Alex Chopin

Therefore, according to the Cape Verdean High Court, The judgment of the ECOWAS Court will not be accepted By the judicial authorities of this West African island country.

49-year-old Colombian He was arrested on June 12, 2020 The plane he was traveling in was stopped to refuel at Amilcar Cabral International Airport in the Sal area of ​​the Cape Verdean island, following a US claim by Interpol that he had committed money laundering.

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Entrepreneur, of Barranquilla and Lebanese descent, Associated with a number of companies, including Group Grant Limited (GGL), Also known as the CLAP, was accused of providing food at extra cost to the aid program for the lower echelons of the Maduro regime.

A U.S. government official pointed out in July 2019 that the CLAPs, along with Saab and Maduro’s three adopted children, had made a profit.Hundreds of millions of dollars”.

Jose Pinto Monteiro
Jose Pinto Monteiro

Saab’s chief prosecutor arrested in Cape Verde

In the last week, Chapin’s attorney general was arrested in Cape Verde When he went to see his client. Attorney Jose Manuel Pinto Monteiro He was arrested on Wednesday while attempting to make an arrest.Go home“Saab is under house arrest.”Have your daily appointment with him”, As the Legal Committee said in a statement.

Pinto Monteiro, one of the “most experienced” lawyers in Cape Verde, said:Before entering the house he confronted the hardness he was looking for“On Sal Island, that note underscores.”His arrest was unprecedented”.

We call on the Cape Verde government to reconsider its position and stop interfering in the Security Council.“Saab underscored the legal team, he”Anti-democratic behavior From the Cape Verdean authorities ”.

For its part, Capto Verde National Police released a statement detailing the arrest of Pinto Montero. “Sal Regional Command to Civil Society Today, March 10, 2021, at about fifteen hours and five minutes, (…) Mr. Jose Manuel Pinto Monteiro (…) Insulting and threatening the officer of authority”, Said the text.

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(With information from EFE)

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