December 1, 2022

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Juan Rhinoso was inspired by reinforcements

Mexico City /

Juan Rhinoso, Cruise Asulin Coach, Praised the act From His new players are for the Angels in the fight against Xolos at the start of Clausura 2022 tonight.

Peruvian featured Eric Lira and Charlie Rodriguez, Explained Uriel Not enough time to switch to Antunna Throughout.

“Introducing a team like Cruz Azul was never easy, his daughter was born when Uriel was going to play with us, he did well today, but he didn’t have the work and the minutes. Charlie and Eric left, Charlie kept us for 70 minutes, but We are with effortHe told a news conference after the 2-0 win.

Respect in the beginning Of which party The Tijuana dominated the game, Recognizing the complexity of the rhinoceros conflict and the effort of his staff to prove themselves on the field.

“It’s complicated, but it’s a fact you have to deal with, because players fall The boys tried good That’s why they spent the first 25 minutes with us.

Celestial Quarry

Rhinoso introduced two components tonight: Emanuel Gutierrez and Mauro Saletta, both 19 years old and Member of the U-20 runner-up team. For young people, machine technician CAZ believes a new generation within the quarry.

“Satisfied with your effort They are playing in the U-20 final In that generation we want to give life to the quarry and then it will be more complicated, but we will integrate them, ”he concluded.