December 1, 2022

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Juan Quadrato and Devinson Sanchez qualify for Colombia vs Argentina | Choice of Colombia

The victory over Peru eased many pains in the soul of Colombia, but the poor start against Argentina revived them.

In the first ten minutes, Ospina had already scored two goals on goal, and that reality bath raised unexpected disagreements among local teams.

On that second goal, DeSilo asked a judge for a part of Colombia’s Paradise, and Zapada raised his hand to ask for a review, while all of that chaos was still living in the area, with the spirits behind him heating up Juan Guillermo Quadrato and Devinson Sanchez.

“Quadrato came to tell Davinson everything, they shook each other, Mina was the one who had to separate them. They shook hands,” said Juan Pablo Hernandez, a journalist with Caracal TV.

The fight is reminiscent of the embarrassing rumors of fights between Colombian players on the last qualifying date against Uruguay against Ecuador. Others would have been protagonists, but in the end it was personal. This time the charge was in full court. Frustrated with failure? Could be. We hope this does not happen to the majors.

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