December 10, 2022

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Juan Guide provided details of his call with Anthony Blingen: “We are trying to increase the pressure on the regime.”

Juan Quaida, interim president of Venezuela

Interim President and Venezuela’s National Assembly, Juan Quette spoke with U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blingen on Tuesday afternoon. The president in charge stressed that the call was part of a strategy with friendly governments to “increase pressure on the regime.”

“As part of the International Coalition for the Restoration of Democracy agenda, we were talking to the Secretary of State this afternoon with the President of Canada.Guaidó said.

“We are seeking to increase pressure on the regime, but we are looking for alternatives to the complex humanitarian emergency, vaccinating and caring for immigrants with the Kovac system,” he said of some of the problems with interim President Blinger.

Following the call, the White House State Department issued a statement: “Secretary of State Anthony J. Blingen today spoke with Venezuela’s interim President Juan Guide, emphasizing the importance of returning to democracy in Venezuela through free and fair elections..

Tweet Anthony Blinger in conversation with Guide
Tweet Anthony Blinger in conversation with Guide

“Blinken described our efforts to work with like-minded allies, including the European Union, the Lima Group, the United Nations Organization and the International Liaison Committee, to increase multilateral pressure and push for peaceful and democratic change. Secretary-General Blingen and interim President Quaida discuss emergency humanitarian needs in Venezuela, which have forced nearly 5.5 million Venezuelans to flee Venezuela, And Secretary Blingen praised the efforts to find solutions to alleviate their suffering and reaffirmed the continued support of the United States, “the statement added.

For its part, Venezuela’s Interim Government Liaison Center cites a report “Guide thanked Secretary-General Blingen for his support of the Venezuelan people and the strong relationship that has developed between Venezuela and the United States.”

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President Guide conveyed to Secretary-General Blingen his government’s commitment to work with the United States and other allies to end the suffering of our nation by significantly overcoming the permanent barrier to Venezuela’s dictatorship and increasing humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan people. Maduro used humanitarian aid against the Venezuelan people as a weapon and as a threat, ”the letter added.

“President Guide and Secretary-General Blingen agreed to work with the international community to achieve free, fair and transparent presidential and parliamentary elections in line with international standards.” Ends text.

“Today is the interim president of Venezuela gujguaido I spoke about our strong support for democracy in Venezuela and our efforts to improve the lives of the Venezuelan people, “the US Secretary of State posted on his social media account Twitter.

Joe Biden has stated that he will continue to support Quito as interim president of the Republic. His administration also points out that it does not evaluate the lifting of sanctions on the Nicolas Maduro regime Until talks are reached to resolve the crisis facing Venezuela.

The United States maintains its pressure to achieve change in Venezuela, which could lead to free elections in the country. To this end, a framework for change has been proposed, which reveals how a political change should develop.

Canadian Foreign Ministers Mark Corneo and Juan Quito also spoke out to resolve the Venezuelan crisis.
Canadian Foreign Ministers Mark Corneo and Juan Quito also spoke out to resolve the Venezuelan crisis.

Juan Guide spoke Tuesday with Canadian Foreign Minister Mark Corneo. They addressed issues such as human rights, the political crisis, humanitarian aid and the public health situation.

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At the meeting, he thanked Canada for its firm support for Venezuela and the interim government in restoring democracy in the country.

Corneo said: “We will continue to support the restoration of democracy and republican independence in Venezuela. Mr. President, Canada is your friend.”

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The Canadian foreign minister spoke with Guido and expressed his support for a “peaceful return to democracy” in Venezuela.
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