September 30, 2022

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Juan Carlos Osorio points to pornographic signs; His future is with America de Gaulle this weekend

Juan Carlos Osorio’s pressure is on with America de Gaulle; This weekend he will have a major fight against the Atletico Nation

The coach of America de Gaulle, Juan Carlos Osorio, made an obscene signal to Santa Fe fans on the way to the dressing room., After appearing in the Superlica final with a total score of 5 to 3 at El Cambon Stadium.

According to the Colombian newspaper El Timpo, The former coach of the Mexican national team also had a discussion with the fourth officer, Luis Madorel, after one of the opponent’s goals.

This is not the first time the Colombian strategist has had a disagreement with the Tribune, as he was picked up by police a few weeks ago to enter the alternate room at Pascual Guerrero Stadium., The home of America de Gaulle, because he was humiliated and even received objects thrown from the stands.

With the stumble in the Super League, which was a consolation prize, Juan Carlos Osorio added his third defeat with the ‘Red Devils’ as he was knocked out in the 16th round of the Copa Sudamericana with a 5-1 total victory over the Baroness and was knocked out of the Bedplay Cup against Deportivo Gali.. The draw of matches recorded this season is ten defeats, seven draws and five wins.

This Sunday, On the 15th day of the league match, Osorio fights his future with the Osorio team as the head of the Atletico National.. The Scarlett team comes in ninth overall with 19 points and needs a win to enter the top eight to qualify for the semifinal home runs of the tournament.

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