November 30, 2022

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Jose Ramirez and the Guardians reached a historic landmark contract extension

This is the largest contract awarded by the Cleveland team in the Major League, doubling the previous record.

Dominican Third Paceman, Jose Ramirez And organization Cleveland Guardians They have reached a historic landmark contract extension that could hold the Dominican player until 2028.

Accordingly Jeff Basson From ESPN, Ramirez And package Cleveland With a five-year extension and $ 124 million, the Dominican could reach $ 150 million with the money he earns this year, and the preference for the 2023 campaign includes the unchanged rule in the contract. According to sources, in favor of the player.

With agreement, Defenders They pay the most money in a contract (by extension or free agency) in the history of the franchise, conveniently breaking the previous record of $ 60 million given to the Dominican. Edwin Encornesian In 2016.

Further, Cleveland He went on to sign the contract after not paying for players after the 2022 season, and as he points out, he kept his best player on the team until he was 35 years old. Pason.

Jose Ramirez Has won three awards Silver bat And has received three invitations Star game In his nine years Cleveland. He has finished three times in the top 3 in the vote for the award The most valuable player Of American League He comes from a campaign that ranked sixth.

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At an offensive level, he is a stand-alone hitter for his productivity, averaging .278 with a batting on-base percentage (OBP) of .354 and a sluggish percentage (SLG) of .501, good for one. .855 of OPS. In addition, he has scored a total of 163 home runs, 540 runs, while scoring 987 times. He has 154 stolen sites in 189 attempts, has interesting speed numbers and has reached a total of 1,777 sites.

In terms of his defense, the Dominican comes from his best season, where he ended up saving 10 runs more than the average player.

According to these statistics,Para“He is considered one of the best third pacemen of today Big leagues.