November 28, 2022

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John Mario Ramரrez: Attention: Colombian football mourns, John Mario Ramரrez passes away | Sports

Unfortunately the news for Colombian football. John Mario Ramரrez, who was hospitalized for Covit 19, died this morning at the age of 50. She was diagnosed with the infection in Tunja about 15 days ago He was ready to do the season in advance with the Patriots going to coach for the first time.

Is one of the last statues of Bogotano Millionaires. He formed small divisions in the club and was a great person in the 90s. He also wore the shirts of Madeleine, Khali, Dolima, Quintio, Bucaramanga, Santa Fe, Boake CK and Pereira.

Rameres took the curriculum as a coach and worked with youth teams. He was a consultant Richard Piece Between 2010 – 2012 he was a millionaire and assistant Alberto Camaro in 2020, But in the end it did not happen. Earlier this week, the Patriots announced it George Louis Bernal John Mario will lead the team as he recovers.

With the ‘10’ on his back, John Mario Ramres was an excellent principal Football BogotonOr, neighboring football with the ‘micro football’ quality of capital. He was part of the Colombian national team with “Pollillo” Gomez at the 1998 France qualifiers. Millonarios and Colombian football fans miss a “hot” look, Silence in his grave.

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