Joe Perry’s Aerosmith Train Derails In Vancouver


Joe PerryThe Joe Perry Project has hit the road as a special guest on the new Motley Crue tour currently making its way across Canada and stopped in Vancouver last night for a performance to cat-calls and silence. Unfortunately for music fans, this show was the largest single waste of time to ever hit a GM Place concert stage. Joe Perry has kept that Aerosmith train a-rollin’ so long that I think it’s finally derailed.

Armed with a handful of Aerosmith classics, Perry bastardized the tunes we’ve come to love with wishy-washy versions of those beloved classics.  The band destroyed Let the Music Do the Talking, Toys in the Attic, Walkin’ the Dog, Train Kept-A-Rollin’, and gave the worst version of Walk This Way ever performed. And none of this takes into account the sub-par music from the Joe Perry Project albums, which no one had ever heard before, except for the blond guy with the curly hair who was jamming in the pit. He seemed to enjoy himself.

There was no substantial guitar work or flash and balls from Perry at any point, leading us to believe that his playing has peaked many, many years ago. It all seemed rather contrived and boring, but might have been worth watching if there was even a brief moment of brilliance on the guitar. And if the star power of the Joe Perry Project doesn’t show off his skills, one has to question if he can really play like a guitar legend anymore and has now fallen to the ranks of forgotten soldier.

The band itself isn’t half bad, with strong performances from drummer Marty Richards and bassist David Hull. Lead singer Hagen Grohe looks and sounds a little too much like a second rate Steven Tyler for his own good. Grohe, who did not really interact with the audience or his fellow bandmates, has the stage presence of a microphone stand, minus the colourful Tyler scarves.

The only brilliant moment came when Hull performed a stunning bass solo, which actually received more applause than when Grohe would let out countless “Joe Perry” introductions throughout the show in a poor attempt to provoke a response of some type from the crowd. Hey Hagen, you can chant “Joe Perry” all you want, but if the man doesn’t deliver the goods, all you’re gonna get is the occasional cricket chirp.

After this show it’s now become 100% clear that Steven Tyler is the real deal behind Aerosmith. I find it really odd that Aerosmith, especially Perry, have voiced their opinions that they are against Tyler having a solo career in the next two years, but at the same time it’s OK for Perry to release his own solo record and go out on tour to support it. That seems like a contradiction and shows a real weakness. Fans should be embracing the recent split and must look forward to a great solo career from a real rock icon and not a second rate guitarist who still thinks he’s got what it takes.

Joe Perry Project
Special Guests To Motley Crue
GM Place
Vancouver, BC
January 24, 2010

By Dan Savoie
RockStar Weekly Editor

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