November 28, 2022

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Joe Muskrov scored the first no-hitter in San Diego Patres history

San Diego Patterson star Joe Muskrov released the first no-hitter in the organization’s history by beating the Texas Rangers 3-0 on Friday.

Muskrov (2-0) used 10 batters (four on sliders, four on curves, one sink and one change).



Get back to the game where Muskrov threw the first winner of his career and the first game in team history.

“Wearing this uniform is amazing,” Muskrov said, adding that he has never thrown a hitter at any level in his life. “This is the first in the history of the rights, it’s incredible,” he added.

Muskrov, 28, has retired from the Rangers’ first 11 batters lineup. He then sent Joey Gallo to retire in the next 16. He started the ninth base with 103 pitches, which was a worrying pitch count. Nine more pitches later, Muskrov made history.

“There were three different scenes where I thought I missed it,” he said.

Growing up in El Cajon, California, 15 miles from San Diego, Muskrov is in his sixth major league season. He has previously driven for Houston (2016-17) and Pittsburgh (2018-20) and has never taken a full game in his previous 84 starts.

“I’m exhausted, man,” he insisted. “I have no way of getting out of that game,” he said. Muskrov threw 77 of his 112 pitches for strikes.

This is only the first no-hitter and second complete game in the majors this season.

Puerto Rican catcher Victor Curtini caught the last two no-hitters in the MLP. The receiver was the last to do that Ryan Honeygan In 2012-13, both Homer Bailey.

Carlos Ruiz Placeholder Image Y Jason Varitech They share the record for catchers with those who don’t have much (4).

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Peters has made history against the Rangers for the past two seasons. Last season, when the Patriots became the first team to score a Grand Slam in four straight games, they all came against Texas (two in Arlington and two in San Diego, Aug. 17-20).

According to ESPN data, Muskrov threw 62 break pitches, which was not the first hitter Edwin Jackson In 2010 (68). Jackson threw 149 pitches in that game.