November 30, 2022

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Joe Biden | “Stupid son”: US President insults Fox News reporter who asked about inflation | Peter Doozy | The world

President of To usJoe Biden called a journalist from the Conservative Fox News Network “a stupid son” who answered a question at the end of an action at the White House on Monday.

Biden’s insult came after reporter Peter Ducey asked if he believed inflation would be high in the United States. “Political position” For his party in the country’s legislative elections in November

“This is a huge resource, high inflation”, Before joining, Biden teasingly said: “What a stupid son.

As reporters were already leaving the White House East Room at the start of a meeting, it was unclear whether the president felt his microphone was still on as he made his comment. பிடன் About how to reduce prices in the country.

then what பிடன் He complained that all the questions from the press were about the crisis in Ukraine, and when his colleagues were about to leave the room, Doozy asked that question about inflation, and the president expressed his anger.

The incident became the talk of the afternoon on Fox News and the rival network CNN, in which Doozy was first interviewed when he joked about it.

“So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.” White House spokesman said.

Doozy made several tense conversations with White House spokeswoman Jen Saki because his questions reflect the conservative leanings of Fox News and are sometimes based on misinformation-based premises.

However, despite the trend பிடன் Sometimes speaking obscenely, he has never shown similar disrespect to any journalist, yet he said this in a question asked by another Fox News reporter last week. “Stupid”.

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Criticism came from other White House reporters, including CNN’s Jeremy Diamond, who tweeted about what had happened: “(Former President Donald Trump) Insulting the press is not right, it is not right பிடன் Do”.

During his tenure, Trump (2017-2021) constantly attacked journalists, especially those who criticized him, he described. “Enemies of the People”And “Mother “ At least once, an NBC host, Chuck Todd.

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