November 28, 2022

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Joe Biden, in the winter of his dissatisfaction | International

Joe Biden welcomed the winter of his discontent on December 21 with a speech that no president would like to deliver on this date. He did not speak of greetings or Santa Claus, but of the American corona virus dominating the landscape (with 59% of cases, according to a recent report, booster doses and the distribution of 500 million free trials to prevent the progress of Omigran. Data from health officials).

The latest script twist of the epidemic has ushered in a dark finale for its 2021, a chaotic exodus from Afghanistan, a split in the Democratic and Republican Party, the resulting legislative siege to its star programs, the restructuring of Trumpism, and the extraordinary abyss in a country with record inflation not seen in 40 years. Crisis. With China’s increasingly long shadow over Russia’s challenge and geopolitical group in Ukraine, the film is completed outside the home.

The president’s approval ratings have been low since he took office in January. Recent Gallup poll, Omigron-talk released on the day, giving 43% (it reached 57% in January and early April). With the exception of Donald Trump (36%) no president has fallen this far by the end of his first year. And some were supported by the dawn of a new day like Biden. Perhaps it was not received with as much enthusiasm as Barack Obama, but there was relief among large sections of the population for leaving the previous four tumultuous years.

Ten months later, another poll was released by NBC in November., At 71% (eight points higher than in August), Americans thought the country was heading in the wrong direction. The feeling of pessimism underlined her a few days later The New York Times, Published in a printed edition of a special link entitled Excite America! In it he lamented for a country that was “once active and vibrant,” which is now “active and vibrant”, whose “bold and comprehensive political imagination has been distorted” and capable only of “small dreams.”

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The main article was signed by Daniel Immerwahr, a historian at Northwestern University near Chicago. How to cover an empire (How to cover an empire, 2019), Best seller About the expanding image of his country in the world. In a telephone interview with Immerwahr, the United States said, “The United States has been a hopeful nation since World War II. It felt very powerful.” “That is changing. Eight years ago, when asked if it was the best country in the world, 70% of those surveyed answered yes. A recent study by the Chicago Council for World Affairs shows that only 54% already think so. It has been found that people under the age of 30 are much less likely to love their country than those over the age of general, and in general, our exception is retreat, ”said Immerwahr.

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“The mood was dark, it was understandable” Susan b. Glaser wrote a summary of his year in the magazine this Thursday New Yorker. “It cannot be said precisely that knowledge, skill and respect have returned to Washington; Returning to normal is not predictable. It is now clear that Biden promised what he could not deliver to the divided nation. This is evident in the minds of Republicans (93% disappointed), Independents (90%) and Democrats (48%), according to the NBC poll.

Will the situation change in 2022, the year when parliamentary control will be resolved in the interim legislative elections? For now, January will begin to commemorate the attack on Capitol, the darkest time in the recent history of American democracy. It will also be the moment of reality for the ambitious package of social spending activities known as the Built Back Better (infrastructure project launched in November). It was launched as a $ 3.5 trillion project (approximately three trillion euros), reduced to $ 2.2 trillion, and West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Mancin has yet to deal with opposition, he said in a recent interview that he did not plan. To vote in favor, after removing more of its content. In both that law and important voting reform, Democrats face a slim majority (50 seats in the upper house are split by 50%) and Washington’s widespread polarization, which in practice makes an agreement between the parties impossible. A visionary legislative reform (which requires 60 votes).

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Inflation is being added to the parliamentary hernia, perhaps as an economic indicator affecting collective sentiment. 61% of Americans, according to Gallup, say the economy is deteriorating (unprecedented pessimism after April 2020), even as leading analysts publish denials in the form of articles these days. Matthew Fingler, a former editor of Bloomberg News, wrote last week that “he’s improved in the first 12 months of his presidency more than any president in the last 50 years.” By the time the reality of 2022 is pronounced, it is true that the economy has expanded by 5.5%, unemployment has fallen to 4.2%, wages have risen, stock market records have been broken and business profits have been the highest since 1950.

Christmas was also saved: purchases arrived at their destinations on time Shipmetrics, A logistics consultant, wrote in an internal letter to his party members that despite the dark omens of a global distribution crisis that erupted this fall and warnings like those from Republican Congressman Jim Banks (Indiana): “We have to explain. What to the voters. Grinds Residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue [dirección de la Casa Blanca] They have made Christmas.

Blanks did not expect that Grinch, a menacing fictional character created by Dr. Seuss in the 1950s, would spoil the holiday for Python and actually be a combination of two variants of the corona virus, Delta and Omigron. The president spent this week on vacation in his hometown of Rehoboat in Delaware, promising his appearance due to reports of daily infections, news and criticism of thousands of planes being flown home for Christmas. Actually December 21st will not come until January.

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At least he has enjoyed these days Commander, A 16-week-old German Shepherd was given to him by his brother on his 79th birthday. For completing a helpful meeting Richard III Shakespeare’s, that dog, is the closest thing an American leader has ever seen to a dissatisfaction with a glance at the York sun in the winter, which should be seen in 2022 for his administration and the United States.

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