November 28, 2022

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Joaquín Montecinos is interested in Mexico, Dad agrees; Cruz greets Azul

Mexico City /

Christian Montesinos, With whom they will play in Mexico Santos, Nexa and Puebla, Acknowledged his interest in his son Joaquin In this country, he pointed out that his preference was to go to leagues like Argentina, Germany or Italy, where he is being followed.

Joaquin, 26, was wanted by Cruz Azul and was voted out by the United States a few weeks ago. The intention of the close ones is to go to other leagues first To strengthen its growth, especially in Argentina.

He really has clear opportunities and it is very clear that they like him. There are two opportunities in Europe, but they are still a little far away because today the market is halted in half. There are many opportunities in Mexico as well“, Christian pointed to Chile Express PM.

If you want to take action, do it in Argentina like many others do. This is an important step as football, sports and competition are strong in Argentina, where you go with an important step. ”

The machine is very curious

Chilean player Cruz is interested in Azul, while he is on vacation, Talks are being made with your representative company, Already well known by Alvaro Devila (Sports Leader) and Hector Laura (Sports Director).

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