November 28, 2022

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Joao Cancello was injured in an attack on his home; Showed the photo

Manchester, England /

The end of 2021, when the Portuguese footballer should live, is a very unpleasant experience, Joa Concelo, who was attacked at home with his family. Is it bad? Manchester City player Wanted to resist and hit in the face, Which was shown on social networks.

In the Instagram story, Cancello showed an injury at the level of his right eyebrow As a result of the thieves’ conspiracy to seize money and valuables such as jewelry and watches, the amount of the stolen amount is now unknown.

“Unfortunately today (Thursday 30) I was attacked by four cowards. They hurt me and tried to hurt my family. When you resist, this is what happens. They took off all my jewelry and left my face intact, ”the player wrote in English.

I don’t know how such disgusting human beings are. The most important thing to me is my family, thankfully, everyone is fine. After so many obstacles in my life, this is what I am going to overcome. Strong and strong as ever, “he added.

Robberies of football players; Growing problem

With the luxuries and great salary they receive, Footballers have become one of the favorite targets of thieves, Since the Cancelo case is not the first. Recall that the same December, Nicholas Ottamendi was robbed of his home and even put a belt around his neck to extract his belongings while his wife and children were with him.

In March 2021, the house of Angel de Maria was attacked while his wife and children were inside. Because the case comes to mind The Argentine player was replaced in the middle of the gameMauricio Pochettino informed him of the robbery and left the stadium to see his relatives.

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Gerard Piqué, Jordi Alba, Arthur, Raphaël Varane, Isco and Zinedine Zidane are some of the world football stars who have been affected by foreign lovers in recent years.