September 28, 2022

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Jerome Carber was re-arrested for violating a security order

Jerome Carber, a former contractor for the Puerto Rico government and former treasurer of the New Progressive Party (PNP), was re-arrested this morning for violating a security order in a sexual assault case.

According to the Bayman Press Office of the Police Bureau, a complaint was lodged against the prosecutor at 1:41 a.m., accusing him of violating a security order against him. Guyanabo’s municipal police arrest the former finance director of the New Progressive Party (PNP) and take him to municipal headquarters.

Metro Puerto Rico learned that Judge Elim Torres had heard the case and had found the cause and imposed a $ 250,000 bond. The judge immediately rallied from where he had attended the trial.

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Authorities arrested Carber last January for the 54th case in which he allegedly subjected the victim to physical and psychological abuse.

According to the complaint, the prosecutor pushed the woman and slandered her in a pizzeria parking lot in Guyanabo. In this case, a protection order was issued for the victim.

However, in early April, Carber was convicted of violating the order.

In August last year, the prosecutor was arrested in Guyana by a partner on a complaint of sexual violence. At the time, the case was not thriving. In 2019, his ex-wife, lawyer Blanca Cheese, sued the lawyer for sexual violence against a close associate of the administration. At the time, the lawyer showed photos of the alleged physical abuse suffered by her ex-husband. Then there was a security order.

In 2009, Carber had another case of gender-based violence with a partner, so he was on a rehab program.

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