December 1, 2022

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Jennifer Lopez signs deal with Netflix to produce movies and documentaries Celebrities USA United States NNTC | People

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, The streaming site will be producing films and documentaries in conjunction with its company Neurican Productions for Netflix, due to an exclusive collaboration agreement announced this Monday.

The star is already working on two films: the action thriller “The Mother” directed by Nikki Caro (“Mulan”) is scheduled for release later next year; And the film “The Cipher”, an adaptation of Isabella Maldonado’s novel.

“I am pleased to announce my partnership with Netflix. I think there is no better home than this content creation company, which looks to the future and challenges conferences.” The actress and singer said in a statement.

The deal, which will be “extended for several years”, will feature fiction and documentary production, starring Lopez and enhanced Netflix, which will be driven by female talent.

“Throughout her career, Jennifer Lopez has been a force in the entertainment world.” Netflix added Scott Stuper, director of international films.

In addition, the Latin star has two outstanding deals outside of his contract with Netflix.

On the one hand, after experiencing countless delays due to corona virus infection, he will be showing the romantic comedy film “Marry Me” with Maluma on February 11, 2022, on Valentine’s Day.

Set in New York and directed by Kate Cairo, director of the series “Shameless” or “Modern Family”, the comedy has a soundtrack narrated by Lopez and Maluma.

On the other hand, Lopez will be filming another romantic comedy “Shotgun Marriage” starring Army Hammer, until the actor is removed from the program due to widespread sexual abuse on social networks.

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