December 7, 2022

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Jennifer Lopez | Alex Rodriguez: Details of his “new beginning in life” after Ben Affleck’s reappearance after finishing with JLo | Instagram | Celebrities | USA | nnda | nnni | People

World confirms former New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez and singer on April 15, 2021 Jennifer Lopez They officially ended their relationship; However, less than a month after that day, it became clear that he was enjoying a vacation in Montana Ben Affleck, Who was his partner 17 years ago. Today rumors of a reconciliation are getting louder, while shouting that he is on a path from the former roofs of JLo “A New Beginning in My Life”. What happened to him after the split?

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Among the speculations, A-rod Not only was he “shocked” by the photos depicting the trip, he also took refuge with his two daughters, Natasha, 16, and Ella, 13. Together with them, posted an image that creates all kinds of products Instagram, Well, they were spotted during a family dinner. There were three empty chairs with tablecloths and plates, and many followers explained that they belonged to Jennifer and her children Max and Emmy, so it was a direct message to her.

That’s not all, because when questioned about the withdrawal by the Miami press ‘Pennibar’, His response revealed a ‘competition’ Ben Affleck. He replied with a smile “Up with the Yankees!”, Page Six Report. The comment went unnoticed as the former Major League Baseball player took a face off for his lifetime team New York Yankees, while the ‘Arco’ actor was a fan of his former team’s fierce rival, the Boston Red Sox.

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When the world speaks Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck, Alex Rodriguez He was seen with a few beers, cigars, friends and a lot of laughs. Together with his colleague David Ortiz ‘El Poppy’ he enjoyed his leisure time on this single stage and showed it on Instagram.

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What can be found on this social network is going out with a mysterious blonde-haired girl named Alina in Miami. JLo’s ex seemed very happy and his companion explained: “Dinner with the big boss … Thanks for the dinner, Arod” and a “Date Night”.

Host Belinda Russell said the 45-year-old entrepreneur contacted her on Instagram to praise her ‘feed’. “I woke up this morning, checked social networks and got a message from Alex Rodriguez on my requests. Like the ARod. Like JLo’s ex “The 42-year-old woman, who works on the ‘Today Extra’ project, told ‘Hola’ magazine.

Definitely on the way to forget Jennifer Lopez, A former player, started men’s cosmetic products at Hymns & Hers and advertised a ‘concealer’ designed to help hide dark circles and blemishes on the face.

Alex Rodriguez promotes makeup for men, while “anything that doesn’t serve me is erased from my life.” (Photo: arod / Instagram)

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That’s not all there is to it amid rumors about it ‘Pennibar’, Well Alex Rodriguez Shared an in-depth message on Instagram stories: “I am about to take a step towards a new beginning in my life. Anything that does not serve me is erased from my life. New growing energy opens up new levels for me mentally, physically and spiritually. I am constantly patient and I know that this new phase of my life is approaching. I know “.

This time, the former New York Yankees player has all the photos taken with him on his official Instagram account. Jennifer Lopez The family they formed during the 4 year relationship was the same family that was about to reach the altar.