September 29, 2022

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Jeff Bezos’ mysterious $ 500 million superlative

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos (EFE)

Even in the swanky world of superheroes, The Project Y721 The rest stands above.

When it is finished, you will have 127 meters (417 feet) long, Covering Various covers It will be Three large masts, Based on the minimal information available on its manufacturer’s website and various online bulletin boards from boat enthusiasts. It is one of the largest boats ever built Netherlands, The unofficial shipbuilding capital of the very rich.

Or in this case, for the rich of the rich: Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon According to those familiar with the millionaire’s pet plan, the planet’s richest man has a ship bound for a new shipyard, which is due to be completed next month. A spokesman Oceanco, The Dutch boat builder in charge of the ship declined to comment.

Of Superach Bezos Probably construction million will cost more than 500 million And has its own helipad support boat – this is the latest accessory to announce the change Amazon Technologist Geek To chloroprote the mega billionaire.

Steven Spielberg According to three people who are familiar with the director’s plans, this is a new boat on demand and does not have the authority to talk about it publicly. His current boat was recently put up for sale 8 158 million. A spokesman for the renowned artist declined to comment.

The market is roaring“, he said Sam Tucker, Head of supermach research Shipping value, Based on London For journalists Devon Pendleton Y Brad Stone From the company Bloomberg. Number of transactions in the last quarter “Broken records: The second hand market is completely red hot”.

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If anything, the demand for exaggerated high boats is greater than the supply. “It is not possible for a patio to take place in new construction“, he said Tucker. “They are completely packed”.

Inland waterways of the north Germany, The home of many highly respected shipbuilders, is filled with steel hulls the size of an urban block Future bossesAs well as return boats for refurbishment. In total, there are approx 50 boats over 100 meters currently under construction, he said Tucker. Luarson, Based on Bremen, Responsible for 10 of them.

Barry Tiller's ship, "The Eos": Three masted Bermuda scanners at Hong Kong United Dockyards.  Similar would have been the appointment of Jeff Bezos from Oceanco (Getty Images)
Barry Tiller’s ship, “The Ease”: Three masted Bermuda scanners at Hong Kong United Dockyards. Similar would have been the appointment of Jeff Bezos from Oceanco (Getty Images)

The COVID-19 When not Bezos Placed your order a few years ago, but Contributed to the rise of the epidemic Industry. With very little cancellation and land boundaries closed, suddenly boating seemed like the best way to relax privately and socially. And a great way to escape the eyes of the general public who can ask too many questions of the rich in difficult times.

The epidemic gave new value to so-called scout boats, some of which could travel 9,000 nautical miles without being refueled, he said. Inocropin, Managing Director of Superiatch Interior Studio Winch design. “Customers can enjoy life at sea for a long time without mixing with others“, he said.

As with any industry, boat builders had reason to worry when opening locks last year paralyzed new orders and markets fell. But, in the summer, The super rich realized that they were not really losing any money. By many measures, 2020 was a record year. Business closures have left millions unemployed and a drop in global GDP, the world’s richest people say. 8 1.8 trillion According to the Billionaires Index, for their collective luck Bloomberg.

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Orders began to flow to build more supercats.

The type of wealth has changed, but not wealth at all“, he said Giovana Vitelli, Vice President Azimuth Benetti Group, Contains nearly three dozen superheroes in its order book. “This was the difference when the 2008 crisis was actually generalized”.

In addition to the Superior, Jeff Bezos and his partner Lauren Sanchez have commissioned a support boat, where helicopters can land with passengers (Reuters)
In addition to the Superior, Jeff Bezos and his partner Lauren Sanchez have commissioned a support boat, where helicopters can land with passengers (Reuters)

In part Boom It involves changing the lifestyle of mega millionaires. They once rented a villa for dozens of friends and family, and now they are welcomed aboard. One thing not heard of a year ago is that people also buy boats before they set foot on the ship.

Enthusiasm in navigating neophytes with boat ownership is another indicator of the growing fortunes of the wealthy as the world moves from epidemic to K-shaped recovery. Beyond the initial purchase price, Having a supercoat is expensive, operating costs average 10% of a boat’s value, or 60 million million or more per year.

It doesn’t matter Bezos, Its luck is all around $ 200 billion, According to rankings Bloomberg. In 2019, Bezos He loved marine life, on vacation The Eos, Friend sailing Barry Tiller Chairman and CEO I.A.C. And the administrator responsible for creating instructions Fox Broadcasting Company– and his wife, a costume designer Diane von Firstenberg. That same year, rumors circulated online that he had bought a 130-meter motor boat The flying fox. But those statements are false; Of sailing Bezos Will be identical Tiller.

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One thing No., Due to its large sailing, this one Heliport. Then, Bezos and his partner Lauren Sanchez, Helicopter pilot, a Support boatThose who are familiar with his plans said.

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