December 10, 2022

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Jeff Bezos flies into space on a New Shepherd rocket

1 hour ago

Richard Branson greeted Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin’s first plane in space with humans on board. Team members Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, Wally Funk and Oliver Timon traveled more than 90 kilometers from Earth.

The trip came nine days after British billionaire Richard Branson successfully flew into space with his company, the Virgin Galactic.

Branson greeted the Blue Origin crew after the flight and called it “Fantastic!”

2 hours ago

Jeff Bezos: “The best day of my life”

After returning safely to Earth, Jeff Bezos was able to hear his astronaut say inside the capsule, “The best day ever” in response to the test.

He told 82-year-old pilot Wally Funk the ride was “amazing” and he said “That’s it!”

Mark Bezos, brother of Jeff Bezos, said “I’m very good” after landing.

2 hours ago

The crew returns to Earth

The crew is back on Earth and out of the capsule.

After completing the status tests of the procedures, the crew on the new Shepherd exited the landing capsule.

2 hours ago

Jeff Bezos takes the place

The new Shepherd capsule is called the 100-kilometer-high Kerman line, which is often referred to as space launch height.

The new Shepherd rocket booster landed.

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos and his fellow pilots are still returning to the ground.

2 hours ago

The new Shepherd is “ready” to launch

The new Shepherd flight controllers conducted final checks through the “Co / Fail” survey in Mission Control, where all the different teams, people overseeing the capsule, thrusters and ground systems, issued an auditory “yes” for the launch.

Passengers on board can also hear all of this through the headphones inside the capsule.

2 hours ago

Close the new Shepherd’s hatch with Jeff Bezos and passengers inside the capsule

Written by Karma Hassan

New Shepherd’s hatch with Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, 82 – year – old pilot Wally Funk and 18 – year – old Oliver Dimen, according to a video released by Blue Origin.

Mission Control spoke with passengers to make sure they were talking.

According to Blue Origin, Funk is through the window on the right and Mark Bezos is through the window on the left.

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Hayes 27 minutes

Jeff Bezos and the passengers enter the capsule

Written by CNN’s Karma Hassan

Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, pilot Wally Funk and Oliver Timon are preparing to enter and depart from the group capsule. As they enter the cabin, they are bent over, according to a video provided by Blue Origin.

The departure journey is expected to take about 11 minutes until landing.
Jeff Bezos and his fellow passengers are in New Shepherd, an auxiliary capsule and rocket system.

Hayes 31 minutes

Jeff Bezos and the other passengers climb the tower and enter the crew capsule

Jeff Bezos and the rest of the crew travel to the ship. (Credit: Jose Romero / Blue Origin / AFP via Getty Images)

According to a video provided by Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, pilot Wally Funk and Oliver Timon are now climbing the crew tower before entering the crew capsule.

Passengers will board the New Shepherd, a sub-capsule and rocket system built by Jeff Bezos’ space agency Blue Origin.

Hayes 36 minutes

Departure is slightly delayed after the countdown clock is suspended

The departure of the new Shepherd spacecraft, which will carry Jeff Bezos and three passengers into space for 11 minutes, has been delayed as the countdown clock has been suspended.

Hayes 46 minutes

Jeff Bezos and passengers head to the launch pad

Written by CNN’s Karma Hassan

Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, 82 – year – old pilot Wally Funk and 18 – year – old Oliver Damon went to the missile pad as they were launched from the astronaut training center, according to a video released by Blue Origin.

According to Blue Origin, each traveler will receive a challenge coin, a military tradition, before boarding the rocket.

Jeff Bezos and three passengers will travel on the New Shepherd, a subsidiary capsule and rocket system built by his space agency Blue Origin.

The liftoff will start from the Blue Origin facility on the most remote land near Van Horn, Texas, about two hours from El Paso.

51 minutes

Among those who took part in the mission was an 82-year-old pilot

After a half-century wait, Wally Funk, trained for NASA’s Mercury project but denied the chance to go into space, finally spends his time among the stars. Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, was chosen to accompany him, his brother, and his 18-year-old companion on a journey.

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According to a post on Bezos’ Instagram on July 2, Funk will fly to New Shepherd as a “guest of honor”, revealing to Funk that he will be joining the mission. Then smile and shout excitedly.

In February 1961, Funk volunteered as a member of the “Mercury 13” program, also known as “Women in Space”, a privately funded initiative to begin training women to fly in early projects. NASA spacecraft.

Read more about this story here.

1 hour ago

18 years old who comes with pesos

Written by CNN’s Jackie Wattles

Oliver Damon, a recent 18-year-old high school graduate, will be one of Jeff Bezos’ classmates on space travel.

The young man would be a substitute for a man who paid $ 28 million to make the trip, but had to back down due to “planning conflicts,” according to Blue Origin.

A spokesman for Blue Origin told CNN Business that Timon “participated in the auction and won a seat on the second flight. We exchanged this seat on the first flight.”

In addition to Damon, Mark Bezos (Jepp’s brother) and 82-year-old pilot Wally Funk will also be part of the trip.

Read more about this message here.

3 hours before

Bezos talks about critics of millionaires in space

Written by Brian Stelter

During an interview aired on “New Day”, Rachel Crane asked Jeff Bezos: “In space these planes ride only for the rich, and there is a chorus of critics that you have to spend. Time and your money and energy, trying to solve problems on Earth. So that What do you say to the critics? “

“Well, I say they’s mostly right. We have to do both. You know, we have a lot of problems on earth here and now, we have to work on them, we have to always be towards it. The future. We have to do both, “he replied.

The mission is “to create a path in space for the next generation to do amazing things, and those wonderful things will solve the problems on Earth,” he said.

Read more here: As he prepares for Liftoff, Jeff Bezos admits that critics of millionaires in space are “very right.”

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3 hours before

How dangerous is travel?

Battle Jackie Wattles

Space travel has historically been fraught with danger.

While Jeff Bezos’ journey into the universe is not without risks, his space agency, Blue Origin, operated the New Shepherd Surface Rocket for most of the past decade, with a series of successful tests.

(Additionally, being in space is Bezos’ lifelong dream.)

3 hours before

Chronology of key moments of supersonic travel

Battle Jackie Wattles

Breakdown of all important moments of the day here (Note: D- stands for “time before departure”. If all goes according to plan, “D” will be ET at 9 am. If there are weather delays, there will be a timeline below, but “D” will change):

T-90 minutes: Begins Webcast
T-45 minutes: The astronauts leave the Blue Origin training center for launch
T-30 minutes: The astronauts climb the launch tower. If everything is “ready”, they will ship in the group capsule
D-24 minutes: The new Shepherd capsule hatch will be closed
D 0: Departure
T + 3 minutes (approximately): The capsule is 62 miles high, which is the widely recognized range of space
T + 4 minutes (approximately): The capsule reaches the apex of its airway and passengers spend a few minutes weightless
T + 8 minutes: The new Shepherd’s booster rocket lands on a nearby ground platform
T + 11 minutes: New Shepherd crew capsule, parachutes stopped, landing nearby
T + 22 minutes: The hatch opens and the astronauts disembark
T + 30 minutes: Webcast ends
T + 2 hours (approximately): The press conference begins with Bezos and other astronauts

3 hours before

How Jeff Bezos travels in space

Battle Jackie Wattles

The tour, which takes about 11 minutes from the point of departure to landing, will start from the Blue Origin facility in the most remote area near Van Horn, Texas, about two hours from El Paso on Tuesday, July 20 at 8 p.m. 9 a.m. ET, weather clearance.

The public can see the whole thing Live broadcast From Blue Origin, it will begin airing on CD at 6:30 a.m. / 7:30 p.m. Viewers can expect external views of the rocket and capsule, which will explode into the interior. (Scenes of the interior and facial expressions of Bezos will not be released after the flight.)

CNN will have ground journalists and a live blog.

Blue Origin is also expected to hold a post-flight press conference with Bezos and his fellow passengers.