December 6, 2022

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Javineta fire! Barcelona advanced to the quarter-finals of the Europa League, beating Galatasaray in the Champions League against Real Madrid.


Xavineta is still there. Barcelona advanced to the Europa League quarterfinals, beating Galatasaray in Turkish hell.

In the 28th minute, Cole had to recover from Marco’s goal.

Now they are waiting for their rival to emerge tomorrow. They face Real Madrid in the new edition of the Spanish Classico on Sunday at 2:00 pm.

96 ‘ Finish the game: Barcelona are in the quarterfinals of the Europa League.

92 ‘ Ferron collided with it in the post. But the play is useless. The striker was offside.

90 + 6 ‘ There will be six more minutes in the match.

89 ‘ Foul receives yellow card against Beram and Orzado’s Deborah.

87 ‘ They throw their wings all over the alpha and the winger has to move away from that area. The game stops.

86 ‘ Change in Galatasaray. Van Anholt departs and Barram enters.

80 ‘ Barcelona are already thinking about the Classico and have made two changes: Lenglet and Depay enter, Auba and Piqué leave.

74 ‘ Changes in Galatasaray. Babel and Sigaldov leave, and Dervisoklu and Moru enter.

72 ‘ Yellow to Van Anholt for a clear mistake in the saffron near the box.

67 ‘ Change in Barcelona, ​​Frankie de Jong leaves and Poet enters.

65 ‘ Sigaldov falls to the alpha, and the two confront each other. Orzado says nothing happened.

63 ‘ Change in Galatasaray, Gomis exits and Mustafa Mohamed enters.

59 ‘ Near Kalattasarai! Von Anholt’s shot from outside the area that slips into Der Stegen’s frame.

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55 ‘ Forced change in Barcelona, ​​Test injury leaves and Arujo enters.

54 ‘ Petrie tried from a distance, but his shot was too high.

51 ‘ Temple entry changed the face of FC Barcelona. Now they will win it, it is very convenient.

48 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL for Barcelona, ​​defense and Peña After several rebounds, Aubameyang took advantage and scored 1-2 for FC Barcelona.

46 ‘ Adama Troy exits and Tempole enters. The first change in the match for FC Barcelona.

Start the second half!

48 ‘ The first half ends: we go into the break with a 1-1 draw. Marco and Petrie scored.

47 ‘ Mail! ஔBamayang intervening test center and his shot coming out hitting the metal.

45 + 3 ‘ The first half in Turkey ended in a 1-1 draw. Three minutes are added.

41 ‘ Eric had a very tough confrontation with Marco. Both central defenders are injured, but the fault lies with the Barசாa defender. And see card Eric Garcia.

37 ‘ Petri’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOLAZO, Barcelona connects everything. The midfielder left two rivals on the field and defined a 1-1 draw.

32 ‘ Galatasaray’s defensive game will be very tough for Barcelona.

29 ‘ And yellow for Marco, who took the corner with a kick in celebration.

28 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, Marcao hit the first header after a corner kick. Defender Ferran beat Torres very easily.

16 ‘ Alpha passes in search of Frankie who makes a mistake by not letting the ball bounce. The Dutch bid was lost.

12 ‘ Babel! Violent shot from the Dutchman who stops Der Stegen from coming back. Definitely German.

10 ‘ Nooooooooooooooooo! Frankie de Jong missed the first time for Barcelona, ​​a big pass from Busquets handcuffed him against the goalkeeper, but the Dutchman defined badly from the left.

9 ‘ Ferran tried after going inside from the left wing. His scoring goes high.

6 ‘ Barcelona saved! Gomis had it, and Cule’s defense was initially avoided, but he suffered. Jordi missed the alpha shot.

3 ‘ Barcelona have to deal with the pressure of the stadium. This will be a tough game for Javineta.

Start the party! Barcelona and Galatasaray are already playing.

Confirmed Rows:

Galatasaray: Inaki Bena, Boi, Nelson, Marco, Von Anhold, Gutlu, Antalya, Babel, Sigoldov, Aktergoklu and Gomis.

Barcelona: Der Stegen, Test, Pique, Eric Garcia, Jordi Alba, Busquets, Petrie, Frankie de Jong, Ferran Torres, Adoma Troy and Abameyang.