November 28, 2022

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Jasmine Pineto utters the million Latina demands of herself: “That money is a dream for anyone” Farándula Instagram NNDC | TVMAS

Despite the current deal, Jasmine Pineto decided to issue a public statement after Latin TV lost the ongoing lawsuit against him for allegedly going to another television station (USA TV).

Through his Instagram stories, the former host of “Esto S. Guerrero” answered a series of questions to his fans, one of which was about the experiment with Latina.

“How are you? We have seen the news of the problem with Latin.” Asked one of his followers. The famous ‘Sinita’ replied: “They do not stop sending the same report to the press every day, they only change the date to the current report. Someone is very interested or interested in making me a fortress, but I was worried about something very important to me: health ”.

“We all get what we give. I believe in God and His processes above all else. My life can’t be perfect because it doesn’t belong to anyone. I have more than I ever dreamed of, and I can only be thankful. We live for many years and enjoy many moments. You have to believe and understand that everything happens for a reason ”, Another story was written by Jasmine Pineto when a follower asked her not to turn off her particular smile.

Finally, one of his fans asked him if he had the half a million legs that the Latin Television was asking him to breach his contract.

“I know TV channels are used for millions of dollars. That money is a dream for anyone, especially in these times. I hope to get them one day, but I work, I do not sue my former workers,” he said. Finished the famous Cinita.

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