Jaclyn Swedberg Goes All Badass For Playboy’s April Playmate Shoot

Jacelyn SwedbergIf the preview galleries of Playboy Magazine’s Playmate for April 2011 haven’t sent you dashing off to your local convenience store to pitch a tent, so to speak, and wait in line for the the latest issue, perhaps this will:

For Jaclyn Swedberg, the biggest thrill about being featured as a Playmate is having a copy of the magazine in her hands. “I’m buying them in each state I’ve been to recently,” she laughs.  “To me, that’s the coolest part about the whole thing.”

Two years away from a degree in broadcast journalism, Jaclyn decided to audition for Playboy after her mother suggested she go for it.  Jaclyn explains, “We were talking one day and she said ‘Why don’t you try out for Playboy?’.  So I signed up right away.   I went to a casting call at the Playboy mansion in June, with hopes of becoming a Playmate and all that,” she laughs.  “Then I got the call in August that I would be testing for Playmate, which is when you go in and do a mock photo shoot and they submit those pictures, and choose from that if you’re you’re going to become a Playmate or not.  Then in November, I got the call that Hef (Hugh Hefner) had approved me to do a centerfold.”

For Jaclyn’s shoot, photographer Stephen Wayda went with a ‘biker girl’ motif, although Jaclyn confesses that she’s never really learned how to ride a motorcycle and refuses to get any tattoos or piercings.  “I’m depicted as quite the badass,” she laughs.  “But I’ve yet to learn properly.  We were going to learn for the shoot, but time got short.  I think they (motorcycles) are so beautiful, and so cool.  I’m definitely going to try and get more involved with it.”  

Interestingly, Jaclyn admits that she was quite shy growing up, but the Playboy experience has been quite empowering.  “It’s unreal just how much confidence it brings.  You kind of get this instant boost.  You’re happy with yourself.  You’re content, and you’re confident, in the best way possible.”

Although she hasn’t officially moved to Los Angeles yet, Jaclyn reveals that she has been spending a lot a of time at the Playboy Mansion.  “We’re so well taken care of there, and it’s so relaxed.  It’s just such a wonderful place to be.  Whenever I’m there, I can’t believe just how lucky I am to be staying there and to have that experience.”
Jacelyn Swedberg
In addition to all the fame, exposure, and lavish lifestyle upon becoming a Playmate, the girls receive a salary and become paid employees.  “It’s really amazing just how many doors open once you’ve done this,” Jaclyn beams.  

While Jaclyn still plans on venturing into entertainment or sports broadcasting, she admits that the foreseeable future is all about being Miss April.  “Since I’ve become a Playmate, I’ve got a lot busier with interviews, being at the mansion more, kind of incorporating that into everyday stuff.  I’ve got much busier with emails.  I really have to keep a lot of communication and a lot of notes and a day planner.”

This summer, Jaclyn will be co-starring in Playboy TV’s new series Playboy Trip Patagonia, which features four stunning models on an adventure holiday. “I’m super excited for that,” Jaclyn says.  “I think it’s going to be a really great show.  There were four of us girls, and we went to Argentina for a month.  We shot in Buenos Aires and a small town in the Andes.  Basically, every day we did a different adventurous activity.  We rapelled, we did mountain biking, white water rafting, we learned to play polo, we learned to play soccer.  It was great.  We also did a photoshoot that would accompany the activity.”

Jaclyn reveals that she stays in shape by running and going to yoga three times a week.  “Yoga is my favorite way to stay in shape,” she says.  “I think it tones differently than any other form of exercise.  It’s so calming and relaxing.  I actually look forward to it.”

Fortunately for us, one of Jaclyn’s favorite questions is: “Are they real?” Answer: “Yes!  I’m a rarity.”

As for Hugh Hefner, the iconic and legendary sultan of ‘schwing’ is just as charming as ever, according to Swedberg.  With his 85th birthday approaching, and the forthcoming wedding to his 25-year old fiancee, Crystal Harris, the Hef still has the magic touch.  “He’s absolutely wonderful,” Jaclyn says warmly.  “His knowledge spreads to so many different categories.  He’s just so polite and such a gentleman.  He’s just so amazing.”

Interview by April Savoie