September 29, 2022

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Jack Cranke built the historic record of Martinez in Puntarenas

Jug for Houston Astros, Zach Granke, Made history at its inception Opening day 2021 Against the Oakland Athletics, he equals the record of the extraordinary Dominican pitcher Point Martinez, A member of the Hall of Fame Big leagues (M.L.P.).

Zach Granke At the start of his 6.0-inning, he hit four runs and walked free, equaling a record Point Martinez More six-episodes start without runs and walks, which is a sign of the best pitchers in the United States. Big leagues.

As soon as he came out against the athlete, Zach Granke 65 six innings start with no runs and no runs, equalizing for Dominican Point Martinez, Being in the first 6 pitchers M.L.P. With this brand.

Report here:

Without a doubt, this is a shared brand Zach Granke With Point Martinez Make him a great pitcher of baseball Big leagues One of the best of today, which is why sharing a record with a member of the Hall of Fame should be a total pride.

What else, Granke Exceeding Martinez For the remainder of the 2021 season M.L.P. Go to the Dodgers Ace, Clayton Kershaw, which has 70 career trips like this in the best baseball game in the world.

Yes OK Zach Granke I promise the only record I’m looking for this season is 0 home runs and 10 stolen sites, it turns out he started more than a season ago M.L.P. Astros have a huge like Point Martinez.

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