December 7, 2022

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Jack Ball defeats Tyrone Woodley by a split decision, except for the surprise

YouTuber not beaten by former UFC Welderweight champion on the cards after eight rounds

Popular YouTube Jack Paul Defeated by a split decision and not defeated this Sunday Former UFC Welderweight Champion, Tyrone Woodley After eight intense rounds.

Expected fight Woodley against Paul Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio topped the list of sexy skinned billboards.

Check out all the results here:

Charles Cornwell Vs Juan Carlos Rubio

Super Welderweight
Palea 10 rounds

Conwell The Mexican ended up undefeated Rubio (18-1) With the third round TKO, he improved his record to 16-0.

Tommy Fury Vs. Anthony Taylor

Cruiser weight
Peelia 4 rounds The English Anger Not defeated by winning a comfortable unanimous decision Taylor (1-1), improving his record to 7-0, however, was the second time in a row that he was unable to finish his rival, and conceded 4 knockouts. “I thought I had a good performance. Don’t forget that I only did 10 fights as an amateur. My dad was not with me tonight. I really enjoyed fighting in the presence of these beautiful people,” he said. Anger After the fight. “Jack Paul That should win me over easily, right? He has no excuse for not fighting with me. Let’s get started Jack Paul.

“I’m a newcomer to this sport and I know I have to strive to make progress in everything. I’m not even close to a finished product. I’m learning every day. I’m thankful to be able to talk to you healthily. I’m improving day by day, second by second. We’ll get to where we need to be, I’m sure. “

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Vs. Ivan Faransik Love Montana

Super light weight
Palea 10 rounds

The ‘Very beautiful’ love He started a message with his command execution in front of experienced people Baranchyk, Could not bear the punishment and fell on the knockout. Love The Belarusian have improved their record to 20-3 and 16-0-1, with three losses in their last four fights.

Daniel Dubois Jusce Angelo Kusumano

Full weight
Palea 10 rounds Former WBC silver title contender, Dubois, Do not waste time to finish Kusumano In the first round, he was sent to the canvas three times, each of which was more dramatic than the last, with 17 career wins, 16 of which were on the fast track.

Amanda Serrano Vs. Yamilt Mercado

Women’s Feather Weight World Championships of the World Council and the World Boxing Organization
Palea 10 rounds

Champion Serrano Higher in all respects than Mexico MarketShe dominated her biggest distance to punish her face over 10 rounds, causing injury to her left cheekbone and sending her to the canvas in the final round. The judges eventually issued cards 97-93, 98-92 and 99-91, all in favor of Puerto Rican. “I do not know There was a very tough Mexican in front of me Tonight. He is a champion in his own category and I hope he made everyone proud and happy Display time He would love to see me fight again. I hope I have turned some of these spectators into fans of women’s boxing and added pride to the game, “he said at the end of the fight.”Since there are other great boxers, I would not dare say N ° 1 per pound Like Claresa Shields. As long as I continue to be with him, I am satisfied.

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“I want to face Katie Taylor, but first I want to be the undisputed champion in my own division. Then when Katie and I fight you will see two undeniable champions face to face.”

Jack Paul Vs. Tyrone Woodley

Shipping weight (agreed for 190 pounds)
Palea 8 rounds

Paul, Who entered the ring wearing the jersey of his favorite team, improved his record to 4-0 after escaping some fears in the second half of the fight. WoodleyWho shook him a couple of times, but it was not enough to accelerate the fight in his favor. Paul He kept his distance in the early rounds Woodley, Who had his first fight, tried to adjust the pace of the fight.

As the war progressed, Woodley Started very comfortable in the ring and landed on solid shots, however the judges gave two points 77-75 and 78-74 in favor. Paul, Another gave for 77-75 Woodley.

At the end of the fight Woodley Approached Paul Asked for revenge after being dissatisfied with the result, YouTuber replied that they would fight back if his name was tattooed because they had bet before the fight that the loser would make.