May 18, 2022

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Ja Morant injures his knee as the Warriors take the lead in a physical series against the Grizzlies

Ja Morant injures his knee as the Warriors take the lead in a physical series against the Grizzlies

SAN FRANCISCO – People are upset.

Ja Morante quotes from the Warriors“Words answer them. grizzly Coach Taylor Jenkins hints at an outrageous revenge. Warriors still pissed off Dillon Brooks’ blatant -2 . mistake Gary Payton II. Garen Jackson Jr. It is the dubbing of the series “Code”.

There was a sufficient amount of, like Klay Thompson He calls it, “playoff talk.”

Things are getting more and more controversial.

Energy started with a palm to Morant’s knee from the Warriors Guard Jordan Paula play called by Jenkins after the Grizzlies lost 142-112 on Saturday, which gave Golden State a 2-1 advantage in the second round of the playoff against Memphis.

Result box: Warriors 142, Grizzlies 112

“He was chasing a dribble and Paul grabbed his knee and pulled it, which caused it all to happen,” Jenkins said. “So, I’ll be very curious to see what happens next.”

Morant had come off the ground with an obvious knee injury with 6 minutes, 19 seconds into the game, which was already out of control. The injury occurred shortly before that when Paul and Andrew Wiggins They surrounded the All-Star goalkeeper near the half of the field. While reaching for the ball, Paul hit Morant’s knee.

Team doctors evaluated Morant after the game, but the Grizzlies did not provide an injury update, after Jenkins stated that they watched the replay later and noticed that Paul grabbed his knee. And it wasn’t just the coach making statements.

Shortly after wrapping up his post-match press conference, Morant tweeted “Break the Code” with a short video clip of the play in which he was injured. The phrase refers to Warriors coach Steve Kerr, saying that Brooks “broke the code; that’s what I see” with his blatant -2 foul on Payton in Game 2. Morant deleted the tweet shortly after pressing Submit. It had already crossed 1,000 retweets by that point.

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“You know the code,” Jackson said after the third match. “We’re talking about code in all the chains at this point,” he continued.

It won’t stop either.

There has been one expulsion in every game of the series so far. In Game 1, it was Draymond Green Who made a blunder -2 on Brandon Clark, he passes Clark’s face in a play in the basket, then grabs his shirt on his way down. In Game 2, it was Brooks who committed Rocket 2, which earns the player an automatic ejection, on Payton. Brooks hit Payton in the back of the head on a quick break, causing him to fall awkwardly and break the Warriors guard’s left elbow. Brooks has been suspended for match 3 due to the play. on Saturday, Kyle Anderson I had two technical errors.

Paul, when presented with a video of the play in question, said there was no omen.

“It was a basketball game,” he said. “I hit the ball (first hit). I was going for the ball. … I’m not even that kind of player.”

Thomson agreed.

“This is a comma talk,” Thomson said. “Personally, I’ve had a pretty severe knee injury, and I don’t think there was any malicious intent from Jordan. I don’t even think he’s strong enough to hit someone’s knee, but we’re not there to try to hurt people or try to hit people in the back of the head at a break.” Quick. We’re playing the game the right way, and I’m going to support him.”

Green said he wouldn’t “sit here and start Al Ain. We have a basketball game to try and win on Monday.”

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Jenkins ostensibly stopped calling Paul’s play, but spoke about the question when a reporter asked about it.

“No, I didn’t say that was on purpose,” he said. “I said there was a snatch. I’m just curious what happened.”

The chain was physical all the way through. Now, it’s getting more combative. But the collision didn’t help Memphis on Saturday.

The Grizzlies kept him close in the first half mostly because of the junk food. The Warriors made 14 spins over the first two quarters of the year, yet they took the lead, 64-57, halfway. Once they stopped giving it up at three, they knocked the Grizzlies out of the gym.

This is what happens when the normally unaffected Golden State bowlers start playing like they do. The Grizzlies were confused about the ocean. The warriors found open men. After two games when Thompson didn’t drain jumpers and Stephen Curry They didn’t look like the best player twice, they’re back to their usual selves. Thompson scored 21 points and scored 4 of 6 3-pointers. Curry’s gone 30 years and slashed Memphis in the middle, dashing over the edge and reaching the bar endlessly. He made all 14 of his free throws.

The Warriors hit 71 percent with two shots, 53 percent at 3 seconds and 91 percent from the streak.

“They scored points in the paint, but we had better crowds there,” Jenkins said. “Our sessions weren’t great tonight. They had a lot of points in the paint. They obviously hit the ball really well from the three-point line. They split up everywhere, so they broke us a lot.”

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The Grizzlies won without Morant this season. They went 20-5 in his absence. But if they were to return, they would need Morant to do so. They went down, 117-116, in Game 1 when Green missed the entire second half due to being sent off. They won Game Two 106-101 behind 18 points in the final quarter of Morant, including 15 consecutive points during the final 4:16 of game time.

They’ll bring Brooks back for Game 4, which will help. Grizzlies have gotten smaller than usual in the series and those small squads aren’t the same without the most powerful perimeter cannons. It doesn’t help Desmond Benwho scored 16 points on a 5 out of 10 shot, is still admittedly not 100% while playing through a lower back injury.

But the Grizzlies don’t need to injure their best player either. For now, they remain optimistic.

“We saw Ja heal like a Wolverine there,” Grizzlies guard D. Anthony Melton She said. “So, he could be limp one day; the next, be fine. He’s a warrior. He’s a competitor. He’s just a bird, who knows his injury level? He understands his body and understands what the team needs, so we’ll make the best decision.”

(Ja Morant and Draymond Green Image: Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)