May 23, 2022

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Introduction of ‘BitterSweet’ Emelek at Copa Libertadores; Bolivia | Football | Sports

Emelec, led by Spain’s Ismail Rescalvo, scored a point from Sucre to draw 1-1 with the Independent Petrolero on the first day of the group stage marking the Bolivian team’s debut in the Copa Libertadores.

Argentina’s Jonathan Cristaldo put India ahead in the 88th minute and his teammate Mauro Kuroka equalized for Emelek in the 91st minute.

With a draw, Ecuador and the Bolivians are second in Group A, led by Brazilian Palmeiras and below by Venezuela’s Deportivo Tacchira.

‘Electricals’ showed an attacking game from the start against opener Indo, who sometimes appeared more cautious, allowing for more dominance of the spectators in the first minutes of the match.

Brian Karabali was able to open the scoring in the 2nd minute after a poor clearance by the Sukrens defense, however his effort went wide, thankfully goalkeeper Alex Arancibia.

The Bolivian team’s clear pass in the 22nd minute was a pass from Colombian player Harold Reina to Nixon Follego, but the Ecuadorian players’ header was not accurate.

The attempt seemed to give the Argentine-Bolivian Marcelo Robledo-led side a fresh air, as they were not accurate and missed at least three goal chances but were encouraged to attack further.

The second half was equal as both teams were determined to score.

Rescalvo’s men made the first attempt in the 54th minute when striker Kabosa’s header stunned Arancibia.

Three minutes later, ‘Electric’ goalkeeper Pedro Ortiz excelled with a powerful free kick from recent entry by Joel Bezrano.

In the 68th minute, Artis again saved his team from an attempt by Colombian striker Eric Correa.

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The final minutes were back and forth, with visits and fears for both teams as Joao Rojas’ deflected shot in the 82nd minute.

Ecuador’s opposition lasted until the 88th minute, when Cristaldo Alejandro took advantage of a cross from Medina to score.

The joy for the locals was short-lived because in the first minute of the addition, the good mix between Rojas and Guerrero allowed the second score to equalize.

On the second day, Independiente Petrolero will visit Palmyra and receive Emelec Deportivo Táchira. (D)