Into Eternity Rocks Regina Cultural Exchange

Into EternityInto Eternity
Cultural Exchange
Regina, SK
September 22, 2010

Into Eternity was formed in 1997 and Tim Roth is the only original member. I believe Tim’s sheer love of metal proves this band will be a huge success. The way Tim handles his guitar is like a bomb technician on a dangerous call. Each chord, slide, pluck and strum are explosive and he plays like nitro rules his veins. This man has conquered the ‘heavy’ in today’s metal music. Tim’s talent spills over into vocals, including clean high pitched power metal and black metal to compliment the lead vocals sung by Stu Block. Tim wrote the music for the earlier albums including Into Eternity and Dead or Dreaming, and has co-written the music and lyrics for Buried in Oblivion, The Scattering of Ashes and Incurable Tragedy. Tim has even recorded several youtube videos to teach the bands avid followers on how to play some of the rhythm and riffs from Into Eternity’s songs. That being said, I don’t know if any one can truly master Tim’s particular style of playing guitar.The bands current members are Stu Block − lead vocals (2005−present), Tim Roth − guitar and back up vocals (1997−present), Justin Bender − guitar (2006−present), Troy Bleich bass, backing vocals (2004−present), and Steve Bolognese −drums (2006−present).

Let me tell you about Stu Block, the lead singer for Into Eternity. Is is possible to use sweet and thunderous to describe a heavy metal singer? In this case, yes! Stu absolutely astounded me with his range of vocals during the performance. I have never seen any one grasp and hold an audience like Stu. He made my legs shake with his deep full throttled lyrics, and then completely sat me on my ass with his higher pitched melodic graces. I watched the audience follow him from one side of the stage to the other, and literally jump at the chance to sing the words with him, or participate in some heavy metal crowd-splitting mosh pit action. Stu’s talent spills over on to paper as well. He has co-written the lyrics for the album Incurable Tragedy and for some of the songs on The Scattering of Ashes. Stu’s clean and death vocals are something to be heard in person, and can’t truly be righteously described properly in a review.

Bass player Troy Bleich did not have to work hard to keep up with the rest of the band. His talent on bass was intense. You could tell by watching him that his bass is the party. Like sweet liquor with a rank kick, Troy will easily earn your respect and give you something to talk about the next day. Troy has performed with the band since 2004 and he also provides back up vocals.  Justin Bender has talents in other areas then just being a great guitarist. He likes to work in the recording studio in Regina SK, and create videos as well. Justin’s laid back; slightly shy demeanor did not stop him from maintaining the up-tempo demands of the band. He coolly helps quench the audience’s thirst for metal like serving up ice-cream on a hot summer night.

Steve Bolognese is the band’s drummer. I have to say, it is a first for me to see someone drum so hard and fast that he ended up in his underwear by the end of the show. The no shirt, no shoes, no service rule does not apply here. This cat can bring it. Steve is not only the drummer for Into Eternity, but is a guest instructor for Berklee’s World Percussion Festival for a fourth year. He is the only member of the band that resides in the U.S. He also teaches drums in his spare time.

For the show at the Cultural Exchange, the group performed the entire Scattering of Ashes album as well as a couple of their other popular songs. The selection included, Severe Emotional Distress, Nothing, Timeless Winter, and Paralyzed. They played from 10:30 pm until 11:45 pm.

The band has four videos, “Spiraling into Depression”, “Severe Emotional Distress”, “Timeless Winter” and “Time Immemorial”. In 2008 & 2009 the band toured Japan. Toy’s Factory has since put out The Scattering of Ashes and The Incurable Tragedy with Japanese print on the CD cover. Trinity Records sent Into Eternity over to play Hong Kong and also in Taiwan.

You might find yourself having a moment of “wow”.