Intimate Sarah McLachlan Brings Passion To Victoria


Sarah McLachlanSarah McLachlan & Friends
Save On Foods Memorial Center
Victoria BC
March 1, 2011

Concert Photos By:
Jen Warnock

Sarah McLachlan is beautifully complicated, never failing to delight her adoring fans. The soulful songstress was welcomed back to her homeland by 3,800 adoring fans at Save On Foods Memorial Center on Tuesday March 1 2011. She played some old favorites like “I Will Remember You”, “Good Enough” and “Adia”, as well as a few from her new “divorce album” titled  “Laws of Illusion”.  Her generous and passionate nature comes through in everything.

For the fans, the show it is all about hearing her play – for Sarah, it’s about seeing everyone come together. Sharing her spotlight with guitarist, vocalist Melissa McClelland and bassist, vocalist Butterfly Boucher showed just how much being in different roles is important to her. Understanding different roles of people in our world is vitally important to this World Vision supporter as well. Sarah and her costars made several references to the organization with free CD’s as an incentive for fans to sign up and support impoverished children. McClelland and Boucher also brought their compositions to the performance either solo or accompanied by McLachlan in true Lilith Fair fashion of sisters in song.  McClelland’s husband Luke Doucette, who also plays guitar with the current Lilith tour, had a song to offer as well. A catchy tune with a bit of country flair, “Broken One” was written for his ex girlfriend. McClelland joked about how she made some alterations to the song once she got her hands on it.

McLachlan took some time to do a little Q&A and answer questions fans had written that evening. She was asked if she’s been “building any mysteries” to which she laughed that she’s far too boring and doesn’t like secrets. When asked what the most daring thing she had ever done was, she answered “surfing in Tofino in ten foot waves, but I don’t do that sort of thing now. That was before kids.”

Twelve year old Kayla asked her how old she was when she started taking vocal lessons, while 8 year old Amy asked her how she comes up with the words for songs. Another fan asked if her daughters had shown any interest in music and would she encourage them to be performers as well?

It was a cathartic and candid moment with McLachlan as she told stories between songs of her life. She usually is just who she is all the time. But there is something in those moments, in the magic created by a stadium full of people when music happens. It can be quite like a ceremony and who better to lead as high priestess than Sarah McLachlan.
Split in to two sets with a brief intermission, the show comprised of a poetic blend of old and new, beautiful accompaniment, and a stellar line up of supporting musicians. McLachlan’s grace at handling her recent relationship change was a positive look at life and love. Believing in making positive changes seems to be what she is all about.

Set list:
Building a Mystery
Loving You is Easy
I Will Remember You
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
World on Fire
Good Enough
Don’t Give Up On Us
Hold On
Illusions of Bliss
Sweet Surrender
Ice Cream

Songs by Butterfly Boucher:
To Feel Love
Another White Dash
I Can’t Make Me
A Bitter Song

Songs By Melissa McClelland:
Passenger 24
God Loves Me

Songs by Luke Doucette:
Broken One

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