December 7, 2022

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In the first opening at GL, Gilbert throws a no-no

PHOENIX – In addition to playing baseball, Tyler Gilbert was thinking about becoming an electrician. On Saturday, he turned off the lights at Patres, illuminating his own life with a feat rarely seen.

Gilbert became the first pitcher not to make his debut in the Majors for the first time in 68 years as the Arizona Diamondbacks beat San Diego 7-0.

It was the eighth no-hitter game recorded this season in the Majors, equaling a record.

Gilbert joined Pumbus Jones on October 15, 1892, reaching double zero in his major league debut with the Cincinnati Reds.

The other pitcher who achieved this feat in their first opening was Bobo Hollowman, with St. Louis Browns on May 6, 1953, and Theodore Brightenstein, with the same team, on October 4, 1891.

Eight no-hitters in the season equaled the record set in 1884, with first-year shoulder pitches allowed.

Gilbert hit Tren Grisham and Ha-Seong Kim in the ninth inning before Tommy Palm hit a fort for Dominican center fielder Kettle Marte.

Delighted, the Diamondbacks tossed their gloves into the air and ran upstairs to greet the unexpected hero chosen for the winter after six seasons in the minor.

“Crazy!” Gilbert shouted. “I’m not going to digest this another day. I don’t know what happened right now.

The 27-year-old pitcher had 102 pitches, including 64 strikes. He crossed 90 mph with his cracking range, but he confused Patres with curves and leaned in his defense, which came off several balls that Patres hit hard.

Venezuela’s David Perralda jumped to catch a ball from the wall after Austin Nola’s long flying ball in the eighth inning.

Gilbert needed three pitches to settle the eighth inning, setting the scene for the ninth play. Marte ran from the last field and came out last.

“I tried to focus as much as I could,” Gilbert said. “But in that last inning, I listened to everything they said.”

Gilbert’s family were among those who celebrated Diamondboxes’ first home hitter in history, and they were on August 3, when Pitcher Relief debuted.

Gilbert did not play in 2020 as the Minor League season was canceled due to an epidemic. In the summer, he was learning electricity with his father to make money.

Unrestricted play has clarified your preferences.

“I like playing games more than running cables,” Gilbert said with a smile. “I hope I don’t hurt you, Dad.”

The Diamondbacks, the worst team in the major leagues this season, are totally unexpected. This is not the third time in owner’s history that Edwin Jackson has received it on June 25, 2010.

Gilbert (1-1) hit five and walked a pair.

The Chicago Cubs had their latest uninterrupted game on June 24 with a concerted effort.

In addition, Madison Bumkorner of Arizona had a seven-inning no-hitter as part of the April 25 double title. The rules of the Majors during epidemics do not recognize that performance as a competition without restriction.

For Peters, Manny Machado 3-0.

To Diamondback, Dominican Marte. Venezuelans Astral Caprera 1-0, Peralta 4-2 with a score and a production