December 7, 2022

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In Las Vegas Yordenis Ugás hit the ball and beat Manny Pacquiao

The Cuban kept the Philippines at bay and punished him with his right hand to retain the WBC Welderweight Championship.

Cuban boy Yordenis Ugás Give it to him Success of the year By defeating the Philippines this Saturday Manny Pacquiao At the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ugás He used his height advantage to keep his distance from the Philippines and punished the player with his right hand overnight. Pacquiao Beat him across 12 rounds Consensus decision To retain World Boxing Association Welderweight title.

After the start of the equivalent war, Ugás He started capturing the ring from the seventh round Pacquiao It maintained a high rhythm with the size of his feet, but most of these landed in Cuba’s defense.

In the end the judges gave favorable cards –115-113 and two 116-112– For Ugás, Improved his record to 27-4 with 12 knockouts Pacquiao Stopped at 62-8-2 with 39 chloroform.

This One of the most important victories in the history of professional Cuban boxing And allows Ugás Retains his WBA Welderweight Championship and denies him Pacquiao, 42 years old, with a chance to get the scepter back and is the oldest to wear the belt.

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