December 10, 2022

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In Bolivia, La Verde ‘bad planning’ to go to Ecuador is questionable | Football | Sports

The Highland team divided the training sessions between La Paz and Guayaquil into three playoff dates, in which they will measure Ecuador, Peru and Paraguay.

With one Worked between heights in La Paz and Guayaquil (The latter at sea level), the The Bolivian team prepares three matches Eliminator; A “Poor planning”, According to local experts consulted on the portal Page seven.

Bolivia leaves for Ecuador on October 7th; Then between 10 and 14, Receives Peru and Paraguay In silence.

According to the Bolivian media, The “end” is decisive: there is “bad planning” in Green’s work, He “spent six days in the highlands, then he will stay in the plains for four days, and he will return to settle in La Paz from early Friday morning,” the media reported this Wednesday.

Is on the portal Editions of medical professionals Work and choose in clubs. “There is no need to sacrifice people, Also, players from Santa Cruz and Cochabamba may be given a chance in the first game, “said La Verde’s former player and former player Raul Morales.

Planning is wrong“We have to prepare a team in La Paz to play with Peru and Paraguay and take the other players to Ecuador,” says Morales.

Alex Andesana, another expert sports trauma expert who has been consulted by the Bolivian media, agrees “No good programming” And was “excellent” Work in an intermediate city like Kochabamba so players don’t have to “suffer” Changes that will occur in the coming days.

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“Working in La Paz is thought to produce high levels of red blood cells, but in this sense blood flow is reduced due to the concentration of blood cells and It will be difficult to respond to the conditions in Guayaquil“Andesana explained.

To the Bolivians, These days of qualifying will also create jobs for the Greens Psychological irritability”, For the return trip after finishing the game with the tricolor.

“Because, the players are going to feel that buzz The fact of travel and sleep speaks volumes about emotional psychological wear, Well-healed people and That concentration will be deficient. His performance while playing is going to be compromised, ”Morales said.

To Dr. Freddie Duarte, The hustle and bustle of the trip will be reflected in the “dehydration” of the elect From Bolivia.

They will be hard to function in the best way In silence. It should have been coordinated and planned with the medical team, but Farias said he would make the decisions.

The expert insisted on it DD Farias’ error Do not train the entire stage in La Paz“Because we’re not going to adapt to the heat of Guayaquil.” If we had traveled directly, we would have felt less of the consequences, ”he said. (D)