December 10, 2022

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In Boca Juniors they clarify the case of Angel Romero, reinforced by Cruz Asulin

Mexico City /

Created a struggle between the winter market Cruise Azul and Boca Juniors By some players, the most appropriate case Angel Romero’s visit to La Noria and Christian Pavone’s frustrated integrationHe identified as “closeness” to coming to Mexico.

Echoing the problem in Argentina, Romero pointed out that he wanted more money than grandeur, and June Román Riquelme, vice president of Xeneize, made it clear that they had only talked to Paraguay once so that they would not be interested again. .

“On January 3, Marcelo Delgado asked him what he was going to do with his life. He told him that he would go to Turkey and Russia with his brother and that he would explore that possibility until January 15; After that day from Boca, Romero was never spoken to again.“, He said.

Immediately, director Hector Laura pointed out that he had only spoken to the cement director about this, and Romero questioned him about the possibility of going to Boca, while they were in talks with Guillermo Fernandez. “They didn’t talk to him.”.

Pavon was about to arrive

Riquelme noted the talks between Cruz Azul and striker Christian Pavone, which did not close despite the fact that there was an agreement between the clubs in Argentina.

“It is also true that very recently they were talking to the people of Cruz Azul They could not agree more. When they say we are not serving anyone, it is not true, we are serving everyone. One thing is clear to us: we protect our club until death“.

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