May 23, 2022

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Impressive pictures show how a cargo plane broke in two while landing in Costa Rica

Airport officials and users on social media announced an event this Thursday – April 7 An emergency was declared on the runway of Juan Santamaria International Airport in Costa RicaThen, during an emergency procedure, a cargo plane assigned to DHL crashed in two.

The incident happened at a time when the airport officials were on duty They allowed the plane to land, and the crew, while in the air, reported a hydraulic malfunction and tried to land it..

At this time, the fire department of the city of San Juan de Costa Rica is involved in emergencies, and the airport terminal provides its services.

According to local media, fortunately, The emergency did not cause any casualties. But it also comes as a shock to the operation of the country’s main airport.

Through social networks, some pictures of the crashed plane are known as firefighters carry out their operations to mitigate the emergency.

Local media reported this after the accident Damaged aircraft, Boeing 757-27A, Similar to the D07216 / JOS7216 aircraft sent to Guatemala., It carried only two people aboard the ship, about them, at this time, the part indicating that they were not affected by the event.

Minutes after takeoff from the same terminal, the crew reported failures, but local media reported that they had been asked to return. Its landing can only be carried out after the over-flights required to burn the fuel have been provided If failures occur during a landslide it is sufficient to minimize further damage.

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A video posted on social media captured the exact moment the plane made an emergency landing, and after touching the plane, you can see how the pilot lost control of the plane and exited the runway. Happened Fraction of the trunk of the vehicle.

Local authorities have ordered the closure of the airport after the cause of the crash was identified.

Recently in Colombia, more precisely On March 29, a plane crash also occurred at the Jose Maria Cordova Airport in Rio Negro, Antioch.The passenger plane, which was affiliated with Ladam Airlines, also had to make an emergency landing.

At the time, the plane was en route to the city of Cartagena and was hiding the route from the city of Medellin.

At that time, The Aeronautica Civil de Colombia said, “The crew of the aircraft discovered a fault in one of the nos gears tires after departure.. So it decided to use a portion of the fuel and fly over Rionegro airport area to land safely.

Faced with this case, handed over to Aeroc An area of ​​calm that warns that the landing is safeHowever, an investigation was opened to determine the cause of the crash, which put dozens of passengers at risk as they experienced moments of agony that can be seen in the videos recorded inside the plane.

Pictures recorded from outside the plane show the pain of that moment as the plane was able to see how the smoke came during the maneuver to return to the ground.

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As in Costa Rica, the emergency at Jose Mariak Cordova Airport forced the aircraft to temporarily halt its take-off operations.

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