Immolation And Vader Deliver Evil On Seattle


El Corazon
0ctober 10, 2010

By Charlene Tupper

This brisk fall evening, the sky is filled with dark storm clouds and rain falling hard, 7 metal acts were pounding the streets of downtown Seattle with the return of Immolation, Vader, Abigail Williams, Lecherous Nocturne, and Pathology. Alongside, local bands No Living Witness and Elks Blood were added to the bill. This was one death metal show you didn’t want to miss.

The first two bands were two local Seattle bands. First, was No Living Witness. This 4-piece band had a musical aspect similar to those of Slayer, Exodus, pretty much the older thrash metal sound. Their performance was well executed, however, the singer could not be heard due to lousy sound techs not doing their jobs properly, and unfortunately, these flaws ran throughout the entire show. The band itself however, was pretty good and heavy, appealing to death/thrash metal fans. The second local band was Elks Blood. This band consisting of 6 people was alright, not personally in my taste of music, however, they have lots of room to grow as a band, and tighten as a unit together. They did perform well, and the singer was energetic, just wish the rest of the band was a little more enthusiastic.

Next band was Pathology, the first of the touring bill. Pathology was recently in town when they performed on the Enthroned tour that recently passed through in August. Pathology is well known for its death metal sound, with heavy bass riffs and deep vocals, so deep you have no idea what he is saying unless you are a band follower. Their performance, in my opinion, was very repetitive sounding, and maybe because it isn’t in my musical taste, however, I found after hearing one to two songs, the set just blended into one giant song, because of the style of music, the songs begin to repeat themselves. However, overall, the singer was very enthusiastic, and thrilled to be back on the “Wet Northwest Coast”.

 Lecherous Nocturne was one of the highlights this evening, due to their high impact to the crowd and great amount of stage presence. Forming in 1997, this Thrash/death metal band from South Carolina definitely has a unique sound. This band had the steady beats, but yet keeping the heavy death metal aspect of fast and brutal. Vocalist, Jason Hohenstein, made an effort to dedicate a couple of songs to Immolation and Vader, two of the bands biggest influences, saying that this was an honour to the entire band, and they are forever grateful to befriend their once heroes.

Unfortunately, their set was cut short, due to time restraints and the show running late, so Abigail Williams was the next performance. Walking on stage with bullet belts, leather pants, and arm gauntlets, this band was dressed to impress, or some may say, dressed to scare the pants off of you. However, among metalheads, this attire definitely impressed us all. The band formed in 2005, and being a newer band to the scene, their sound has more newer aspects of death metal, even going as far to call them “death core”. Sadly, the 4 yellow lights hitting the stage, were now turned off, so the band’s entire set, was played in complete darkness. Their sound was phenomenal, however, wish I could say their stage presence was to die for, but unable to truly see it made their set disappointing.

The co-headliner was now here, the Polish death metal legends, Vader. These guys definitely pull in a huge crowd. El Corazon was packed full of people anxiously awaiting Vader’s set to begin. Their set started with an intro, not just any intro, the Star Wars Theme music. It was great, the fans were cheering so loud, you could barely hear yourself think. However, not many had other thoughts running through their minds when they saw the guys walk on stage, theme music fading, and Piotr(vocals/guitar) start wailing on his guitar and the band begins to pick up the pace. Vader has been around since 1983, one of Poland’s biggest death metal bands, has gone through numerous lineup changes, including their recent entire band change excluding Piotr. With that in mind, the band sounds tighter than ever, and put on an amazing performance. During their last song, vocalist from Pathology, entered and joined Piotr in singing the song, along with the crowds help as well.

The final performance of the evening was none other than Immolation. Sadly, not many truly saw Immolation, since after Vader’s set ended, everyone seemed to vanish either to the bar, or simply went home, which was a shame. Immolation was an amazing performance to watch. Finally the stage lights came on, albeit Immolation’s own, but they finally came on. These four New Yorkers formed in 1986, being one of the more popular death metal bands coming from the United States. Releasing “Majesty and Decay” in March of 2010, the band was set to return to North America for their headlining tour.

Their performance was phenomenal, very energetic and what was left of the crowd, was very strong and enthusiastic fans to see their favourite band. This freezing cold evening, most definitely brought the “Deliverer of Evil”.

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