December 1, 2022

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Immigrant children in border patrols will be removed soon, says DHS secretary | Univision Immigration News

Minorities arriving alone at the border and patrolling the border will be transferred to the Department of Health Facilities “as soon as possible”, but Size is “significant” and it represents a logistics challenge As for the Joe Biden government, National Defense Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Al Pundo said in an interview with George Ramos for the project.

That was last February 9,297 unsupported miners came to the United States irregularly, Accordingly Border Patrol latest statistics (CBP in English). This represents a 63% increase compared to the previous month, which complicated the situation on the southern border.

Majorcos said the situation there was “out of control” but tried to prevent the arrival of more immigrants by saying the border was “not open”, adding that at one point 100,500 people were detained as CBP agents tried to cross it. “Now This is not the time to come to the border This is especially dangerous with the Govt-19 epidemic, not only because of road accidents, but also because of the public health situation, ”he stressed.

Commenting on the specific situation with unsupported minors, the Secretary said: “There are a lot of children in border patrols and these facilities are not for the care of minors. What we are trying to do is to transform them into health and human service facilities as soon as possible.” Importantly, we face a logistics challenge, ”he acknowledged.

Miorgos added that it would take time to “rebuild order processes and the system at the border” that had been removed by former President Donald Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy. “We have to rebuild the order we had. We don’t have to make that journey.”

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One of the challenges for the Biden government is to invest in Central American countries mired in poverty and violence, which are encouraging immigration in search of better living conditions in the north.