IMAX Hubble (Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio) – 2D Blu-Ray Review

IMAX Hubble

The Imax Hubble 2D version was filmed in space by the astronaut crews of STS 31, STS 61 and STS 125. Repairing the Hubble telescope is no easy job. At any minute, anything can go wrong. Each astronaut goes through the mental process of preparing him or herself mentally for the task of being on the space shuttle. If you like smelling rocket booster emissions, than this is the place for you.  Seven astronauts use all their skills, and then some to bring us the beautiful images of newborn and dying stars and galaxies of gas and dust.

At 600,000 miles an hour, gases spew out of dying stars. Older stars are cooler and called red giants. The blue stars are closer to death, and there are millions of galaxies. Now come back to Earth for a moment, this is where it gets tricky. The film prepares you with an inside look at how the astronauts feel and prepare for their journey. Once they are up in space, it shows you a little about the life inside of the shuttle.

As good as it was, the giant telescope had a warped mirror and it took three years to return with the remedy and will to repair it. The new lenses were an amazing enhancement to the wonderful staggering images such as the Helix Nebula. The astronauts worked together to repair and revitalize the Hubble telescope and now the images that the Hubble telescope can take are millions of light years away. Hubble captures images that are so detailed that we can actually travel through the pictures. They take you on a spacewalk in the 22nd and a half century!

This 44 minute space teaser makes you want to see and understand more. When you think of space, do you ever wonder what is just outside of what you can see? And, what is holding that up? Well this film will moisten your appetite for more knowledge, as well as make you feel like there is no possible way to grasp its vastness. For me, the Hubble movie was like an answer to a question I longed to find out. Yes, we are really just specks in the grand scale of things – although beautiful specs I must say.

I would have liked to have seen a longer movie and more images that we know Hubble has produced. Overall, I liked it. I would like to see a lot more Hubble pictures and a longer film from them in the near future.
Perhaps there are some things they don’t want us to see. Maybe we are not alone.