September 29, 2022

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‘I watch football on ESPN’; Argument of Hugo Sanchez as Madrid coach

To Nine years without running Professionally, his last days have been spent Analyst on television, Though Hugo Sanchez Do not understand Unemployment As the main reason for the rejection Possible Real Madrid coach, I know for this He went to Spain to talk about it And, incidentally, remind him that he is ready for Florentino Perez.

Visiting the package Beach menu, Pentapichi said it has been placed in an updated state, With information and skills as a strategist for all the football he uses on the chain ESPN where he works in Mexico.

“It’s not something I’m aware of (Real Madrid’s pressure), being a coach at the time I interviewed Florentino He knows that my legs do not move to face the players. I spoke to Florentino a year and a half ago, and now I do not speak, because there is no right moment, I’m blamed for not being active, but I watch games on ESPN“, Arguing further:” They do not have to pay the terms or anything to release me. “

Hugo Sanchez ‘scraps’ Santiago Solari

As his inaction on the benches is blamed on him, Hugol says he has experience in the first division and at the national team level., Not the recently departed Zinedine Zidane or the current coach of the United States, Santiago Solari, They had when they were given the best opportunity in Merengue.

“Florentino can trust me whenever he wants and I tell him not to forget about me. If Zidane works for Castilla, without the first division, he could run MadridHe did not run France either, and they gave him the option to stay in Madrid … Solari was in Madrid in Castilla without the first clubs or the Argentine national team. I’m already done it, I’ve directed Mexico, I was third in Copa America, experienced in the first division, a Picambionado with Poomas and I’m ready, “he said.

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‘Hugol’s choice taken’ directed by Pachukka

The The last experience on the bench With the last semester dates of 2012 Tuos del Pachuca, He pointed out that he had misbehaved and had not kept his word for at least two years to provide an administration with the footage of a football player’s.

The latter is not a pleasant experience (with the cow)I lived in Madrid and they called me an Almeria coach and I got it and I thought I would take advantage of that opportunity. It’s hard to think of publications because I always did it for titles. There was an offer from Pachuka, “he said.

“I stopped training because it was a disappointment, Leaders don’t think about the person, they use you as one Boom, For your figure and complexion. A generation of soldiers with Hector Herrera had a promise to stay in Pacquiao for two or three years. “