December 1, 2022

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“I like the guard, I like him very much. We really wanted to sign him.”

Barcelona face Betis and Xavi Hernandez highlighted the football of Andres Cortez who wanted to sign him.

Xavi Hernandez, The technical director of Barcelona, ​​made clear his admiration for the Mexican Andrew saved, Real Betis player, who tried to sign when the Spanish player was the coach of Al-Saad in Qatar.

We wanted to contract him to Al Sadd. We are evaluating his signing, he is a player I like very much. He’s a technician, he works a lot for the team, he has a long pass, he shoots. He is the most important footballer for Betis, he is the team’s metronomeHe told a news conference on Friday.

Prior to Real Betis’ visit to Camp Nou, the Catalan captain recalled that the team continued to have “emergencies” and could not “lose more points” if they wanted to fight for La Liga.

Because of the urgency we have, every game will be essential for us and they will all have to face the final, tomorrow and next Wednesday in Munich.“, He revealed.

For this reason, Xavi announced that he was not going to think about the decisive match against Bettis, against Bayern in the Champions League.

“We do not think about ‘champions’. Lalica gives us a lot, which is our day to day, tomorrow I will get the best eleven,” said the Catalan coach, adding that Bettis was “a great team, very hard worker” and now “a direct competitor”. He remembers being ahead of the Catalans.

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Similarly, Xavier stressed that winning this Saturday would be crucial to “rejoining the league”, which does not rule out being elevated this season, as the company’s president John Laborda pointed out yesterday.

Barசாa has a desire to succeed in everything. I have said many times: here it is not worth drawing and losing. We are a team created to win and compete. I fully share the President’s opinion“, He commented.

Xavi Sergino can count on Test and Ousmane Dembélé, who has already fully recovered from back pain and is already “one hundred percent”, to achieve his third victory in domestic competition for the first time this season. Become a starter after playing for a while in Lisbon and another in Villarreal.

In the renewal of the still-trapped French striker, the Barcelona coach was apparent. “I have already said in my presentation that for me, Usmane’s position is that he can be the best player in the world. This is not just an economic issue. I have made clear to him the plan we have and the plan he has in mind. He can be a key figure and I want to be positive, He said.

The rule of thumb is that if he does not finally decide not to renew, he should be left on the stand: “This is not the goal, I’m not thinking about it.

Xavi could not trust striker Anshu Fotti, who certainly did not heal while playing in Munich, or Sergei Roberto, who will soon undergo surgery for a thigh injury he dragged out from last season. .

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“Anshu makes an extraordinary effort and shows a tremendous commitment and implication, but he will not return until he is one hundred percent.

Finally, the Catalan coach evaluated his former teammate Lionel Messi’s seventh Ballon d’Or. “It seems to me full football justice that he won it. He’s the best footballer in history and he deserves that seventh, no doubt. “

With information from EFE