December 1, 2022

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‘I am gay, but they are going to crucify me’; Premier Player reveals it

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In the XXI century, the Homosexuality in the game Seems to be banned. There have been some credible cases like diver Tom Daly and former NFL player Michael Sam. Homosexuals In his sporting career, but practically no pioneers in football A Premier League player broke the silence.

In an interview with the British media The sun, A footballer in the English first division admitted to being gay, But he did it conditionally Name unknown Because he says he fears for his life if he openly expresses his desires.

“This is 2021 and I should be free to tell everyone who I am And my sexual preferences. I am gayBut there are still some fans in their eighties on the stands. I want to be open with people because I’m proud of who I am, but It is true that I will be crucified“, He promised.

“When I play, I think fans can guess, they judge me. Can you tell from the clothes I wear off the field? It has affected me so much mentally. I’m afraidHe added.

Advised by associations and organizations in support of rights LGBT community, Confirmed that the fear for fans is very low compared to what he thinks this player can happen on social networks. Bullying Led to Suicide Thousands of people for a variety of reasons.

The truth is, homosexuality, especially online, is more prevalent than ever. I am in constant conversation with the Football Association about what can be done, but, unfortunately, this is an unprecedented situation, so it is difficult to implement measures for a situation that has not yet occurred.

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Some obvious gay athletes

  1. Ian Thorpe | Former Australian swimmer and Olympic multi-champion
  2. Martina Navratilova | Tennis legend with American nationality
  3. Tom Daly | British diver and Olympic medalist
  4. I tell Clement | American Athlete 400m
  5. Amelie Maresmo | French expansion
  6. Victor Goodres | Spanish water polo player
  7. Michael Sam | Former NFL player
  8. Carl Nasib | Active NFL player
  9. Custer Semenya | South African athlete
  10. Dutt Fujikawa | PGA Golf