Hypocrisy Head Six Band Attack On Vancouver


HypocrisyHypocrisy / Scar Symmetry / Hate / Blackguard / Swashbuckle / Nylithia
The Rickshaw Theatre
Vancouver, BC
May 18, 2010

Review and photos by Charlene Tupper
RockStar Weekly

May 18 is a night most metal heads will not soon forget. It may have been a long 6 band show but each one brought something different to the stage.

First up was NYLITHIA, an experimental/metal band from Vancouver. They formed in 2006 by Royce (guitar) and Tyler (drums). Soon Nathan (bass) and Kyle (vocals) joined to make it a complete band. Always great to see a local band start the night off.

Next was SWASHBUCKLE a rough noisy thrash metal parrot packing band from New Jersey. Admiral No-beard (vocals/bass), Commodore Redrum on guitar, and new to the band Boots Mann Collins. There were many who came to witness their keelhaul. If yer were in the pit for these scurvy dogs then ye know what is like to be thrown, dragged and tossed overboard. They were what a lot of the younger scallywags came to swear an oath to. This tour , there was no palm trees, or sharks about to pounce on the crowds. But maybe some trades were made, so no punishments for breaking the codes.

BLACKGUARD, one of Canada’s own folk metal bands. First formed in 2001, they have made many changes to the band and their style over time, all for the better. And have now reached great achievement after such extreme hard work. They are a very high energy band that doesn’t slow down at all through their whole set. Their singer Paul is tireless , going from one side of the stage to the other, up and down on the speakers through it all. But he’s in shape, he finds a place before the show and does multiple routines to keep in shape. Their music is clean, upbeat and very tight.

HATE , from Warsaw Poland took the stage with corpse paint and creative outfits. These 4 distinctive forces joined together to give us an unforgettable death metal element. Their sound is their own creations that had everyone’s eyes riveted on  stage. This tour was the first for  members of HATE to North America. They commanded attention with their guitar riffs( Destroyer, Mortifer), the fast double kicking beats of the drums (Hexen), and wicked diabolical vocals that came from ATF Sinner. There performance caught and held the interest of the crowd for their whole set. I am sure that we will soon see a return of this force called HATE.

SCAR SYMMETRY , a melodic death metal band from Sweden who started in 2004. This band is unique because they have 2 singers, one who does the growls/clean backing vocals (Roberth) and one that does clean/backing vocals (Lars). The crowd gathered quickly when the first sounds were echoed through the Rickshaw. Hard to tell which was the crowds favourite as the noise and the pits never slowed or faltered.  I didn’t expect to enjoy the different vocals, but found it added some dimensions to the songs. What’s different about these guys – well they add some synthesized sounds into their music. SCAR SYMMETRY made this show one to stand out for 2010.

And the 6th band to play the Rickshaw was none other than HYPOCRISY. The legendary death metallers from Sweden.  Peter Tagtgren (vocals, lead guitar), Horgh (drummer, and renowned Immortal member), and touring member Tomas came on stage to finish off “A Taste of Extreme Divinity” Tour. Vancouverites had waited 4 long years to hear the masters of their art. “Valley of the Damned” was chosen to start their set with, the fans loved it and sang right along. They played a tight set, guitar riffs were to perfection, drum blasts that had the crowds whirlwinds just flying, were timed exactly , then Peters vocals pulled it all together like a masterpiece. “Hang em High” was another favourite of the crowd that I am sure if Peter stopped singing, the fans could have carried on for him. Old and new songs were played and not one song the crowd didn’t know.  For the people watching, “Eraser” was another song that brought the cheers and horns high, but for Peter the sound wasn’t right and he tried numerous times to get it fixed. It wasn’t to be and he was plenty ticked off about that. In fact he got so mad that they cut their set short. Previous venues all had a 90 minute set, but not in Vancouver. It left a bad taste for Hypocrisy who gives 110% for their fans. I hope this will not be the “Final Chapter” for Vancouver.


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