November 28, 2022

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Hurricane Rick Live in Mexico Crosses the border in the Mexican state of Guerrero Mikokan | Where will Hurricane Rick make landfall? | அகபுல்கோ | Wind | SMN | The world

Hurricane Rick Type 2, on the Sapphire-Simpson scale, made landfall in the southern state early Monday morning Mexican According to the National Water Resources Authority (GONA), the heavy rains left Guerrero.

Look directly at the path of storm risk:

“The epicenter of Hurricane Rick, Type 2 on the Sapphire-Simpson scale, caused landslides in the vicinity of the municipality. Union of Isidoro Montes de Oca, Guerrero, local time 05.00 (10.00 GMT) “, The company warned on Twitter.

Identity: The death toll from Hurricane Ida has risen to 28 in Louisiana, USA

As described National Weather Service (SMN)At 7:00 (12:00 GMT) local time, the hurricane had already advanced several kilometers inland and was located 25 kilometers northeast of Lazaro Cordenas (Mycocon) and 75 kilometers northwest of Jihuatanojo (Guerrero).

“Center Hurricane Rick, Type 2 of the Sapphire-Simpson scale, located on land adjacent to the municipality of Artiaca in Mykova. Its cloud groups cause unusual rainfall over the western and southern states of the country, with strong winds and high tides. SMN mentioned.

The hurricane moved north at 13 km / h with winds of 165 km / h and 205 km / h.

Ricks’ Cloud Bands “SMN estimates that landslides and floods in the Michigan and Guerrero regions will produce intense specific rainfall in Jalisco (south) and Colima and very strong specific rainfall in Guanajuato.

The path of Hurricane Rick. (National Hurricane Center of the United States).

For all these reasons, the public was urged to take serious precautionary measures in the states where rain, wind and waves (including sea navigation) are mentioned and to comply with the recommendations given by the officials of the National Civil Defense Organization.

According to the weather forecast, Rick It will weaken over the next few hours, passing through parts of the states of Guerrero, Mikavokan and Jalisco.

Mexico’s Civil Defense In the last hours, 11 states and 712 municipalities in Mexico warned of Hurricane Rick, putting the states of Guerrero and Michigan “at maximum risk.”

Hurricanes Andres, Blanca, Carlos, Dolores, Enrique, Felicia, Guillermo, Hilda, Ignacio, Gimina, Kevin, Linda, Marty, Nora, Olaf, Pamela and Rick have formed in the Pacific Ocean this year.

Dolores landed in mid-June, killing three people by electric storms.

In the Atlantic, where the named hurricanes have already been recorded, a total of 11 people died in the most devastating month of August, eight in Veracruz and three in Puebla.

Nora, who reached the shore on August 28, was responsible for the death of a little girl in the state of Jalisco, and although seven were missing, six of them were fishermen from the state of Guerrero.

On October 13, Hurricane Pamela hit the state of Sinaloa in the Mexican Pacific, leaving Typhoon Type 1 with 2,000 victims and 9,000 victims and material damage in the neighboring state of Nairobi, particularly the power grid.

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Hurricane Typhoon Ida made landfall in Louisiana just after noon on Sunday, exactly 16 years after Hurricane Katrina devastated that part of South America. (Source: AFP)

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