May 23, 2022

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Humberto Ortega: Daniel Ortega’s brother Hugo Torres blames him for dying “horrible imprisonment” | International

On May 4, 2005, Humberto Ortega traveled with his brother Daniel carrying his mother’s coffin on his shoulders.Ariel Leon (AP)

Eight days after the death of historic Sandinista commander Hugo Torres at the hands of Daniel Ortega’s government, retired General Humberto Ortega published a commentary in the newspaper. Newspaper This has caused a stir in Nicaragua. The Nicaraguan president’s brother has condemned the death of a 73 – year – old political prisoner by his brother and his brother-in-law, who were “brutally imprisoned” by regime officials led by Vice President Rosario. Murillo.

In the article Partner Hugo TorresDaniel Ortega recounts the revolutionary actions of his brother’s death, especially the two guerrilla operations he led in 1974 and 1978. [los asaltos a la casa de Chema Castillo y la toma del Palacio Nacional], Which forced Somalism to release Sandinista political prisoners, including current President Daniel Ortega. Paradoxically, many departments in Nicaragua have criticized Torres, who died in captivity and was charged with “conspiracy” by a man who risked his life to save him in the past.

“With the same sense of struggle, now in the civil arena, Hugo Torres is one of the various factions that separated the former Sandinista Front from the 1990s, and he is not shy about sacrifice and imprisonment. General Ordega, a decisive military figure in the democratic transition of the 1990s, wrote:

Since 2018, after violently suppressed social protests by the regime’s police and paramilitary forces, General Ortega has begun to criticize his brother’s administration. Although it is not often done, this time the government is again demanding the release of all political prisoners.

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“It simply came to our notice then. [revolucionario]The reconciliation that will be created by the release of political prisoners and the release of political prisoners through the necessary legal and legal tools must contribute to the solution of the urgently needed political crisis, ”said General Ordega.

In July 2021, when President Ordega dissolved the general election and hunted down enemies who would help establish himself in power, General Ordega’s official campaign on CNN insisted that political prisoners were not “terrorists.” This justifies the pseudo-judicial process. , According to human rights organizations. “Political prisoners do not attack the stability of this country. They are enemies with their opinions just like me. I criticized the current government with all my confidence and respect, which is why I am now classified as a terrorist or a traitor, ”he stressed.

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Apart from these public statements, the retired general is on the sidelines of Nicaraguan political activity. Humberto is one of the most important military leaders in Ortega’s recent history. However, his key positions in the Nicaraguan military, which remained silent not only on the death of Brigadier General Hugo Torres but on all human rights abuses, were not echoed. Crimes committed by the Presidential couple since 2018.

In addition to the sentencing of Humberto Ortega, pressure on the Nicaraguan government this Friday has multiplied due to the death of Hugo Torres in prison. The Organization of American States (OAS) and 27 countries condemned the death of the former guerrilla and demanded the immediate release of political prisoners. “We are deeply saddened by the death of Hugo Torres, a Nicaraguan citizen who was a political prisoner. He was arrested last June and detained in an inhumane manner. Many people were imprisoned for their political views. It is also an insult to values. ”

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The United States intends to put pressure on the sugar tycoon

The Associated Press (AP), on the other hand, said that the Joe Biden government was considering expelling Nicaragua from the Free Trade Agreement (DR-Cafta), but that this was a remote possibility as there were no mechanisms in place. However, a Washington source, who was consulted by the AP, confirmed that the most feasible option was to stop importing certain Nicaraguan products, such as sugar. The move would directly hit Carlos Bellas, one of the country’s richest men and the owner of the San Antonio sugar mill, the largest sugar producer.

“Choosing sugar is a way to mobilize Carlos Bellas, Nicaragua’s richest man and owner of the largest sugar producer. He has been marginalized, at least publicly, ”the agency said in a statement.

According to the AP, the removal of that multi-million dollar U.S. grant each year is intended to put pressure on Bellas. Accordingly A report from the CONNECTAS siteBetween 2008 and 2018, the businessman was one of the most important promoters of the political and economic model he worked for in Nicaragua. Conversation and consensus, But in return for supporting Ortega’s political decisions, which included offering economic benefits to big business, including his re-election and the destruction of companies and the opposition. However, the relationship was broken by the repression of the protests, and to date it has not been rebuilt. Bellas, however, a deciding factor in the business community, has remained silent until now about the crackdown on the opposition and the dissolution of the elections last November.

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