November 28, 2022

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Hugo El Pollo Carvajal: FARC emails, evidence against him in the United States – Intelligence

After beating the DEA and Spanish police for two years, Madrid (Spain) hid in the gut. Hugo The ‘Chicken’ Carvajal, The former intelligence chief of the Venezuelan regime, has been implementing all sorts of legal and political tactics to prevent deportation to the United States. Last September 9.

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From the Estremera prison, he began to provide Etta, FARC and other relevant information so he should not be sent to New York, where he is being prosecuted for drug trafficking. 5.6 tons of cocaine, As part of what is known as the ‘Cartel of the Sun’.

Audrey Strauss, Finance Dell Southern District of New YorkIn addition to drug trafficking, ‘Chicken’ must respond to the use and carrying of machine guns and weapons of mass destruction in support of a drug conspiracy.
Two behaviors That means a minimum of 30 years in prison And even life imprisonment.

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In addition to testimonies, banking operations and interference, EL TIEMPO established it There are 34 emails in the United States It will demonstrate the role that Carvajal played as a link between the regime and the FARC guerrillas. These messages not only make clear the security that Venezuela is offering them, but also provide a powerful arsenal.

PCs of ‘Rice’

‘Rail Reyes’ was killed in 2008 after a bomb blast at his camp.


Courtesy Olga Cecilia Vega

Juan Carlos Putraco

General (Police RI Juan Carlos Putraco.

“The Guardian of the Carvajal regime’s intelligence secrets. General (R.) of Juan Carlos Puerto Rico, Who knows that file closely.

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Mails from the United States Were found on the computers of the late guerrilla leader ‘Raul Reyes2008, Operation Phoenix by the Police, Army and Air Force, including the bombing.

Hugo Carvajal is the guardian of the regime’s intelligence secrets. Chavez commissioned him to serve in the “Sun Cartel”, the Mafia, Park and Ellen.
Grl (r) Juan C Buitrago.

He exchanged messages with ‘Reyes’ Ivan Marquez, the current leader of the Secunda Marketalia dissidents, In contacts and meetings with Carvajal. Messages sent between 2004 and 2008.

(Title: Key witness against Maduro sent to US and Spain)

I would like to recommend to Ricardo to arrange a new interview General Carvajal, On behalf of the Secretary-General, Comrade Ivan wrote Reyes in October 2004, with the intention of thanking the President (Chavez) and him for his visit to his country.

“When he was a colonel I had the opportunity to talk to the character (Carvajal), it seemed to me A boy dedicated to the revolution“Marquez, who is hiding in Venezuela,” replied.

According to the report, Carvajal discussed Finance, weapons and border politics.

(In context: The powerful ‘Cuban factor’ under Nicolas Maduro)

2nd Wednesday, morning, I met Hugo Carvajal who came from the DIM line (Department of Military Intelligence) (…). He commented on his recent meeting with ‘Ivan’ and said that he is ready to work and that the offer made to ‘Ivan’ is still there and he sends many congratulations. “

‘Friends of Cuba’

There can be no real truth in justice and peace: the Supreme Court

Alias ​​Ricardo added that Carvajal wanted to manage relations with FARC.

He also mentioned the high Diplomat in Havana He warned Chavez that information about the FARC’s presence in Venezuela would be leaked.

However, the guerrillas promised to ally with Carvajal “Friends of Cuba.”

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In another email, ‘Reyes’ asks paramilitaries to send information about cocaine smuggling to Carvajal I was asking them to take action: “I have received very important and conclusive information about this Mancoso crosses And his paramilitary lieutenants and drug traffickers left Maracaibo with their tons of cocaine. I sent this information to my comrade, with a recommendation to inform the Commission that General Carvajal would soon visit him. You contribute to this, which will bring political benefits to both sides. ”

New video by Evan Marquez

‘Iván Márquez’ met with Hugo Carvajal on several occasions and sealed arms shipments to the FARC.

Clover and Arsenal

In January 2007, Evan Marquez himself announced to Reyes a new meeting with Pollo and another regime commander: “As planned, on January 3 I met with Generals Alcale and Carvajal (I have already met three times). We talk about patriotic planning, relocation, ‘politicians’ and aspects of strategic planning: finance, weapons and border policy. “

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The alcoholic (Cleaver) they speak of is already in prison in the United States, ready to sign a tense petition to Carvajal.

Hugo El Pollo Carvajal was arrested by Spanish police and the DEO.

Hugo El Pollo Carvajal was arrested by Spanish police and the DEO.


Spanish Police

In another email, Marquez pointed out that “Carvajal was determined to bring in an arms supplier from Panama.” In the meantime They are going to send us (next week) 20 pajukas (I do not remember) with great force.According to them, there will be 10 for Timo (Timosenko) and 10 here. Alcohol suggested that this was a large sum.

(Title: ‘Strong weapon of photography of’ Sandrich ‘and his gang)

The New York lawyer refers to those weapons, and that is the ‘chicken’ fear. That’s why he had already sent signals for negotiations.

In 2018, via Colombia, he sent a message to US officials expressing his interest in cooperating with justice in both countries. It demanded that the ‘indictments’ be repealed. Faced with the legal inability to accept his request, he decided to flee to Spain, ”explained General (R.) Futroko.

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But this time The DEA is not ready to negotiate with “Chicken” He hopes Spain will finish it in the next few days.

Clever Alcale accepts fees in the United States.

Close to the late President Hugo Chavez, Clever Alcala rose to power from 1992 until the creation of the Special Military Intelligence Unit in 2007.

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His name also appeared with the name Nicolas Maduro, Diostato Capello And General (R.) Hugo Carvajal, president of the so-called ‘Sun Cartel’, presents Washington rewards. For Alcal’s location, U.S. Justice awarded $ 10 million.

Cleaver alkali

After a bizarre split with Maduro, Alcale later appeared to coordinate a conspiracy attempt. In the midst of this conspiracy, he was captured in Colombia and extradited to the United States.

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It became known this week The General (R.) agreed to cooperate with Justice And he will be willing to admit drug trafficking charges. His decision will allow him to coordinate processes against Nicolas Maduro, Hugo Carvajal and other powerful members of the regime.

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